Lake Garda Museums

In this article we will talk about some of the Lake Garda museums with an extensive overview of the many cultural attractions that offer such as archeology, gastronomy, enology and cars. You can choose the most suitable option for your cultural visit among the wide variety of museums close by Lake Garda: let’s find out about them.

The suggestive Lake Garda museums: from archeology to cars

Grotte di Catullo

sirmione grotte di catullo

Grotte di Catullo is one of the most famous archeological site regarding the roman age. There, it is also located the roman villa of the notorious Latin Poet Catullo, who used to enjoy the breathtaking view of Sirmione from the comfort of his house. You can enjoy the beauty of this landscape, celebrated by the imperishable verse of the poet. It is also possible to visit the  archeological museum of Sirmione. There you can relive past age thanks to affreschi, ceramic and bronze-made objects and stuccoes ranging from prehistoric, roman and medieval age.


Wine museum of Bardolino

wine museum garda lake

Wine museum of Bardolino let you live the true experience of the wine-producing industry from an exceptional location: Flli Zeni winery , a family which work and live in this industry since generations. The museum covers every wine production phases: from harvesting of the wine to  bottling of the final product. Besides observing the wine-producing tools, it is possible to taste the wine produced on site in the nearby Enoteca for a full sense experience.

Oil museum of Bardolino

oil museum garda lake

Garda Oil is known all over the world for its high quality.

Oil museum of Bardolino was founded in the 80s and it was the first museum dedicated to olive oil in Italy. It preserves some of the most remarkable instruments for handcrafted Olive Oil production. In exposition you can admire an oil mill of the 19th century, lever press, screw presses and mills in stone for oil mill. The museum offers visitors tasting of the numerous olive products with oils that varies in colour, taste and  consistency. Lastly, don’t miss the opportunity to get yourself one of this handcrafted olive oil in the  store! A large variety of high quality options is assured.

Library of the Academy of Salò

library of the academy salò garda lake

Library of the Academy of Salò   can claim the excellent preservation of more more than 25.000 volumes including wonderful manuscripts dating from the thirteenth century, incunabula, codex and publications of documents of “Magnifica Patria” from the sixteenth century. Free access, borrow and consult of the book makes it an obligatory cultural visit for anyone who wants to learn more about the territory of Garda and find an ancient literary heritage.


Nicolis Museum of Cars, Technology and Mechanics

nicolis car museum verona garda lake

Nicolis Museum of Cars, Technology and Mechanics  in Villafranca di Verona is the perfect visit for everyone who is passionate about motors. It is situated fifteen minutes away from Garda lake and includes a rich collection of vehicles. 200 vintage vehicles, 100 motorbikes, 110 bycicles to which are added 100 musical instruments, 500 cameras and 100 typewriters. There is also a rare collection of Formula One wheel of  the most famous and appreciated car racing competition in Italy and in the world. The term “museum” is simplistic  to describe a place that celebrates the mixture of  modern and antique technology as wished by the founder Luciano Nicolis.


Camping delle Rose

camping delle rose garda lake

If you plan to visit the museums of the Lake Garda you should find a place to rest after long days of cultural activities.

We suggest you to consider Camping delle Rose in Moniga del Garda, directly facing the lake, in a peaceful and natural environment,  is the ideal solution to relax after visiting museums. The wide choice of accomodations from bungalows and mobile homes to pitches, will satisfy all your needs and guarantee a comfortable stay.


Contact us now via e-mail or phone and reserve your accomodation to experience the museums of Lake Garda: enjoy the relax and cultural visits in a natural landscape full of magic and attractions.

Summer 2022 at Lake Garda

Every summer milions of tourists visit the banks of Lake Garda, the biggest and most important italian lake. Here, enchanting landscapes and villages to discover, followed by art, sport and gastronomy, are home to countless cultural events that will make your summer memorable to say the least!

Lake Garda

Lago di Garda, Italia, Estate 2022
Lago di Garda
Located between Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige, Lake Garda (also called Benaco) is the biggest lake in Italy, and also one of the biggest tourist destinations for tourists all over the world. Its banks wet 25 suggestives villages, that offer monumets, gardens and fortresses capable of telling the memorable history of Lake Garda. The weather, mild during the year and hot in the summer, is ideal for pleasant days at the beach, but also for the blossoming of food excellences of the italian territory, for example oranges, lemons, olives, wines and truffles.

Summer 2022 at Lake Garda: must-see villages and cities

The cities along the Lake Garda banks are divided in three geographical areas: the “bresciana” side, the “trentino” side and the veronese shore. As the most famous and must-see villages, here is our advice:
  • Sirmione: in the province of Brescia, Lombardy, Sirmione is one of the most known villages in Garda lake. Its countless architectures, such as the Scaligero Castle, tell the story of its previous nature as a militar outpost. Sites like the outstanding grotte di Catullo, the roman domus from 2000 years ago, are among the strenghts of Sirmione.
  • Desenzano: with its almmonst 30.000 inhabitants, Desenzano del Garda is the most populated of the cities in Lake Garda and it is also under the Brescia province. The Castle, the Duomo of Santa Maria Maddalena and Malvezzi square represent important cultural places that are a definetly a must-see.
  • Peschiera: located in the Verona province, in the extrem west of Veneto, Peschiera del Garda offers unique sites, such as its famous fortress and the pile dwelling site Belvedere (dating back to the Bronze Age), that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.
Castello di Sirmione, Lago di Garda, Italia
Castello di Sirmione, Lago di Garda
The villages more noteworthy are the following ones:
  • Limone sul Garda: this village, despite having around 1000 inhabitants, has become a famous tourist destinations thanks to its extraordinary lemons and olives cultivations.The village is also more peculiar thanks to the presence of a particulare protein that, stimulating longevity, has granted different residents the ability to exceed 100 years of age.
  • Salò: founded by the Romans, the Salò municipality is mostly known for being the capital of the Italian Social Republic during World War II. Here, historical buildings mix with outstanding landscapes and the many more modern and dynamic places .
  • Gardone Riviera: very close to Salò, the village of Gardone Riviera is mostly known thanks to the majestic residence of the writer Gabriele d’Annunzio, the “Vittoriale degli Italiani”. This villa includes numerous buildings, gardens, squares, an open-air theatre and the house museum of the poet. Noteworthy are the colorfoul botanical gardens, that make the visit to Gardone Riviera a must-see.
Vittoriale degli Italiani, Gardone Riviera,
Vittoriale degli Italiani, Gardone Riviera, Lago di Garda

Summer 2022 at Lake Garda: things to do

Beyond the magnificent towns and villages to visit, Lake Garda is a very common tourist destination. This is also thanks to its numerous beaches and the various activities that can be carried out along its shores in summer.

Where to swim in Lake Garda: le spiagge

Many tourists come to Lake Garda because, only at a short distance from urban realities, they have the opportunity to swim in beautiful beaches. Among the best, the followings are definetly worth being mentioned:

  • Pisenze beach (Manerba): the blue of the water and the emerald green of nature come together to create a breathtaking landscape for visitors.
  • Baia Bianca (Manerba): the white and pristine sand, hence the name of the bay, is imported directly from the beaches of the Caribbean.
  • Jamaica Beach (Sirmione): located under the Grotte di Catullo, when you visit Sirmione you must swim in the crystal clear waters of the Jamaica Beach.
  • Romantic beach (Manerba): in the charming town of Moniga del Garda, the Romantic Beach is one of the most liked destinations for tourists for a summer on Lake Garda. The beach is ideal for couples, thanks to the presence of a fascinating lakeside promenade.
Spiaggia Pisenze, Manerba, Lago di Garda
Spiaggia Pisenze, Manerba, Lago di Garda

For families who prefer to enjoy the outstanding italian waterparks, the choice is wide. Cavour Waterpark (Valeggio sul Mincio), Caneva Aquapark (Fossalta), Le Ninfee del Garda (Desenzano), are just some of the many parks where you can spend your day relaxing and having fun.

Noteworthy, on the south of Lake Garda, there is a park that to define “aquatic” would be an understatement, being the largest amusement park in Italy: Gardaland. Here, between games and shows for children and adults, fun is guaranteed, and visiting it is a must.

What to do at Lake Garda: 2022 cultural events

Regarding art, the possibilities for those who will visit Lake Garda in the summer of 2022 are countless. Until July 17th, the Castle of Desenzano del Garda will host the exhibition dedicated to the famous English artist Bansky, but also various exponents of international Street Art, including Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring and Obey. Until July 30 several evenings will be hosted from sunset to midnight near the Grotte di Catullo. Here, the installations of the artist Vera Uberti, the special guest David LaChapelle and the vast gastronomic offer offer a highly suggestive experience.

Music will reign the summer of 2022 on Lake Garda. First of all, the Vittoriale degli Italiani will host a month of concerts between June 25th and July 25th, with guests of the caliber of James Blunt, Diana Krall and Paolo Nutini. On August 6th, in the town of Torbole Elisa will perform with the concert of the”Back to the Future Live Tour”. Much of the summer, until August 26th, will be accompanied by the Malcesine Music Festival, where several concerts will take place every evening.

It is known, Italy is the home of good food. Tourists who come near Lake Garda, specifically in Bardolino, will be able to enjoy the “Aperitivo” under the stars. Here, food and wine stands and outdoor shows will brighten the magical night of San Lorenzo on August 10th. The Grape and Wine Festival will also be held in the same location between 29th September and 3rd October, with kiosks, promotional stands of Bardolino wine and culinary tastings. The summer season on Lake Garda will end with the Paths of Flavors in Tremosine: 4 dates, between 17th September and 22nd October, will allow visitors to discover the territory but above all the culinary specialties of the area, including saffron, fish and fresh pasta.
Bardolino, Lago di Garda. Aperitivo.
Bardolino, Lago di Garda

2022 Lake Garda sport events

For tourists who want to take advantage of the paradisiacal areas of Lake Garda for physical activity, there will be the opportunity to participate in many sports competitions. On 10th July, in Pieve di Ledro, there will be the Triathlon, while the 29th July in Arco the Rockmaster Festival will host the challenges of the best climbers in the world. A little break during the hot heat of August, then we leave again at the beginning of September in Bogliaco (province of Brescia). Here, on 3rd and 4th September, two spectacular sailing regattas will be held, named the Gorla Trophy and the 72nd Centomiglia.

The waters of the lake also host the traditional Regata delle Bisse, a rowing race full of historic boats that includes many stops throughout the summer of 2022.

Bisse al via della Gara. Peschiera del Garda,
Bisse in partenza, Peschiera del Garda

Summer 2022 at Lake Garda: where to stay

By now you will have understood that spending your summer at Lake Garda will definetly be an unforgettable, meaningful experience. Now you only have to find out which is the best choice for your accomodation.

Moniga del Garda

Tourist town of the Brescian Riviera, it could be that Moniga takes its name from the Greek goddess Diana Munichia, although many say it derives from the German “Morn”, which means “exposed in the morning”

Rich in stilts aging back to the Bronze Age, Moniga del Garda is an interesting city reachable by highway (A4 Torino/Venezia Desenzano Exit ) or by train, with the Desenzano train stop only a few kms from Moniga. Monica del Garda is also easy to reach thanks to the close airports of Verona, Bergamo and Brescia. What strikes about Moniga del Garda is the preserved rustic aspect of the agricultural village. The lakeside promenade is also very suggestive, and in the summer is teeming with tourists. Worthy of note, for those staying at the outstanding Camping delle Rose in Moniga, are the Baroque style church dedicated to San Martino or the Castle of Moniga. You can also enjoy a good dinner with the freshest fish from the lake, accompanied by the famous chiaretto wine of Moniga del Garda. It’s definitely a must in this precious town.
Moniga del Garda, Lago di Garda, Campeggio delle Rose
Moniga del Garda, Lago di Garda

Camping delle Rose

The vast structure of the Camping delle Rose includes a private beach, reception, bar, restaurant with pizzeria, playground and a relaxation area with WiFi, salt water swimming pool and whirlpool. A professional but easy-going staff, and strictly reserved accommodations, guarantee guests a holiday in total serenity. The accomodation offers for those who will stay at Camping delle Rose are numerous and will allow tourists to have a safe summer vacation: Wide pitches are also available for tents and caravans. The Camping delle Rose is located in a perfect position to visit the outstanding places that surround Lake Garda. The suggestive story of the Sirmione Castle, the extraordinary landscape of Baldo Mount, the movida of Desenzano. These are all options easily reachable by. The unique opportunity of having fun and relaxing that is Gardaland can be reached in 30 minutes away by car. Noteworthy is that the beautiful city f Verona is also only 40 minutes away by car! For those who want to avoid to use the car, in complete respect of the environment, Camping delle Rose offers the rental of eletrical bikes. A bike tour on Lake Garda will make it possible to discover the fantastic natural places near the lake. The effort will be minimal, thanks to the assisted pedaling, but the satisfaction will be immense and the experience unforgettable. Are you ready for your summer at Lake Garda in the wonderful Camping delle Rose?

Desenzano del Garda

Desenzano del Garda: the small village on the banks of Lake

Desenzano del Garda

Desenzano del Garda is a small Village in the province of Brescia, in Lombardy, it lies at the edge of its lake and it’s just 12 minutes far from the “Camping delle Rose“.

It’s the right place to rediscover history, thanks to lots of museums and archaeological sites, you can also admire the historical “Porto Vecchio” and you can relax on the beaches of the Lake.

The origins of this small village are very old, as we can see by the findings of lots of household materials dating back to the second millennium before Christ. But the most important discover the oldest plough in the world dating back to the Bronze Age (2000 a. C.) which is reserved at the Giovanni Rambotti‘s museum.

Over the possibility to rediscover history, Desenzano del Garda offers the possibility to admire the old “Porto Vecchio” anche the possibility to relax on the beaches of the Lake Garda.


Places you have to see at Desenzano del Garda



Giovanni Rambotti's museum


The museum, dedicated to Giovanni Rambotti, preserves an extraordinary archaeological heritage which allows to relive the Bronze Age.

In the museum findings from the pile-dwelling site of Lavagnone are exposed, one of the little lake basins of glacial origin characteristic of the landscape south of Lake Garda.


pile-dwelling site of Lavagnone are exposed,


The first discoveries (between 1880 and 1886) were due to peat quarrying, but the first and real scientific research started after one century (between 1974 and 1979) thanks to the archeologist Renato Perini, in collaboration with the national museum Luigi Pigorini.

This excavations brought to light household equipment (plates, amphorae, pots, etc.) dating back to the second millennium BC and the installation of a pile-dwelling, but the most important discovery was the plow with part of the yoke that represents the only existent specimen in the world dating back to the Bronze Age (2000 a. C. circa).


The plow of Lavagnone

plow of the Lavagnone

Plow of Lavagnone was discovered in 1978, wedged between the poles of the pile-dwelling settlement dating back to about 2000 B.C.

It’s the oldest plow that comes to us, it was completely with oak, and it’s still very well preserved thanks to archaeological deposit characteristics that doesn’t permit the wood’s decay.

Moreover in 1989 the University of Studies of Milan resumed searching and this mission is still in process.

The area covered by the UNESCO site extends over the entire basin, easily accessible from the nearby road that leads from Desenzano to the hamlet of San Pietro.



Villa romana of Desenzano del Garda is the most important archeological witness of the ancient Northern Italian villas

Nowadays The archeological site is around 70 meters far from the lake but once this villa overlooked the lake with its quays and docks.

Villa romana

The remains, discovered from 1921 still 1923, are famous for the particular pavement made of lots of mosaics which represent scenes with harvesting cupids or chariots running, maenads and satyrs, wild animals, allegories, ect.

Villa Romana's pavement made of lots of mosaics

It’s possibility that the owner of the villa was Flavius Magnus Decentius, emperor Magnenzio’s brother, from which the city of Desenzano is supposed took the name.

The complex of buildings that composed this villa extends by over an hectare. One of them was dedicated to crop products’ transformation activities, for example the crushing and fermentation of grapes to produce wine, and the milling and extraction of olive oil.

Close to the buildings there was the noble owners’ residential building where they showed off their richness and refinement with their sumptuous decorations and furnishings.

The remains left till now are the witnesses of the splendour in which they lived.

The building was large, complex and equipped with heated spa, an open porch on the lake, coloured apsies, an internal fountain adorned with niches and statues and painted frescoes partially restored.


glass cup engraved


In the small museum remains of furniture as lamps, cups, plates, ceramic pans and bronze utensils are preserved.
One of the most interesting is a glass cup engraved with a Christian subject, indicating the spread of this new religion in the late antiquity








Palazzo Todeschini

Palazzo Todeschini” is located on the ancient Darsena, it was designed by the architect Giulio Todeschini like a town hall. It’s a sixteenth-century building, composed by fifteen stone arches ending with the stone “of the unemployed” the point where the bankruptcy convictions were proclaimed in the XVI century.

Nowadays “Palazzo Todeschini” is venue for conferences, exhibitions and temporary exhibitions.

In 1806 began the construction of the pier and lighthouse in Nordic style, which still characterizes the lake panorama, while the Venetian bridge is the work of the 30s of the last century



S. Maria Maddalena's Church

The current church, dedicated to S. Maria Maddalena was built between 1596 and 1611 on Giulio Todeschini‘s project.

The facade is characterised by baroque decorations, while inside it presents a basilica plant with three naves and it’s one of the best examples of the late Renaissance in the province of Brescia.

S. Maria Maddalena's church's interior

Andrea celesti’s artworks stand out in this dome. He was leading representative of the Venetian painting of ‘600.

Examples of this important painting are the “Resurrezione” and a pictorial cycle dedicated to S. Maria Maddalena.

In the chapel od SS. Sacrament we can admire “L’ultima cena“, a very known G.B Tiepolo‘s work of art of 1738.


In the small village of Desenzano there are many other churches, among which:

  • Maria Immacolata’s Church
  • S. Maria del Carmine’s Church
  • Sant’angela Meriai’s Church
  • S. Michele Arcangelo’s Church
  • S. Martino Vescovo e Martire’s Church




Desenzano del Garda's castle

The castle that dominates the city originated in the Early Middle Ages, it’s characterised by an irregular rectangle plant and by the tower that rises at the entrance, on the north side.

Of the ancient castle some stretches remain of curtain walls with battlements crumbled between the four angular towers cut off, with the exception of the one on the northeast corner that, until 1940, worked as a specola.  From its terrace you can enjoy one of the most beautiful view of Lake Garda.

Probably the castle rose on the foundations of a Roman castrum. It never became a military fortress but it continued to be a refuge to the population.

In the inside of the castle there were homes of private citizens that were always ready to welcome those who lived outside the walls in case of danger.

Following the castle lost the function of refuge, but it continued to be inhabited by the families. In the castle there was also a church, called S. Ambrogio‘s church, which was used as a private house.

The original structure was subject to numerous changes, moreover in the last century a stretch of wall was demolished to the east to the east to allow the view of the panorama anche the building of the officers’ quarters was emptied to install a reservoir of the municipal aqueduct.


Porto Vecchio

The “Porto vecchio” is one of the most characteristic and suggestive corner of the zone.

In 1806 was built the jetty e and the lighthouse in nordic style and the bridge in Venetian style was realised in 1937.

After the establishment of the Republic of Venice the port was completely renovated by the construction of a quay and some rocks to restrain the stormy lake.
Was also realised

An external dam was also realised to facilitate the arrival of boats and tugs, and a tramway that connected the village to Castiglione and Mantova.

As tradition every year Porto Vecchio becomes the location of the crib on the water which preparations engage all Desenzano‘s the citizens form November.

This “floating nativity scene” is composed by old restored mannequins, but San Giuseppe and Madonna are represented by people flesh and blood which are escorted to the lake by divers few days before Christmas.

During this days the Porto Vecchio is animated my lights, Christmas carols, little girls dressed as angels, etc. till the night of 24th December when the torch will accompany the divers who, passing under the bridge, bring the Baby Jesus.


floating nativity scene

What to do in Desenzano del Garda

From the Desenzano’s port always depart numerous ferries that allow you to reach the many tourist towns along the shores of the lake or there is the possibility to rent boats.

If you prefer to stay along the coast there are lots of marine centres that offer sailing courses for adults and children, beginners and experts.
You can do other sever sport activities, this small village is equipped by excellent facilities for tennis, rubgy, football, horse riding, bowling, water skiing and surfing.

The camping “Capeggio delle Rose ” offers the possibility to rent sup boards and doing funny water games.

Surf in Desenzano del Garda

One of the recent news of the “Camping Delle Rose” is the electric bike rental service that gives you the possibility to do lots of cycle routes admiring the beautiful Lake Garda.

In addition to activities on the water and in the saddle you can relax and enjoy the landscape, Desenzano del Garda is full of beautiful beaches.

For people preferring  nightlife there are also lots of clubs and discos.

There is the famous “Art Club“, during summer to dance by the shores of lake there is the “Coco Beach“, and for people preferring a more refined club there is that of  “Sestino“.

Sestino Club

Meanwhile the Chiosco Madai is perfect for the Italian “aperitivo”, there are the chairs which almost sink into the lake,  enjoying the sunset.

To continue you can have a romantic dinner with a breathtaking view on the beautiful terrace of Fraglia Vela.

Chiosco in Desenzano del Gardaù


Desenzano del Garda’s events

Desenzano del Garda is full of activities and events:

  • Colnago Cycling Festival includes cycling competitions with different types of routes, in which children can participate.

Colnago - competition at Desenzano del Garda

  • Festival
  • Markets
  • Chocolate festival: it shows the chocolate market and offers educational workshops for children.


Desenzano del Garda's Chocolate festival


In short, in addition to places to visit and activities to do Desenzano is also rich in many traditional events.


Typical products of Desenzano del Garda

  • Oil and fats → The production of oil has ancient origins in the territory of Brescia, which still today produces two major types of D.O.P. on Lake Garda and Lake Iseo.
  • Wine →This province is a land of renowned and famous wines all over the world: from Franciacorta to Garda, from Cellatica to Botticino
  • Pasta and cereals → The flour most widely used in this area is known as the flour for polenta from Bergamo
  • Grappa and distillates
  • Honey
  • Fruit and Preserves →  Peaches and apples represent the local fruit. With peaches you get the persicata, a jam made with peaches of Collebeato, which, harvested at the end of the season, have a particular consistency of the pulp compared to other more common. Similar to persicata is quince, a solid compote made from quinces that is cut into slices.
  • Sausage and meat → Among the most famous Caren cuts of the province of Brescia there is the roe deer rét, sausage of swine origin, large, prepared with meat cut with a knife tip and flavored with sage, rosemary and lemon peel; the salséesa, a dialectal way to indicate the common sausage; the salasme cotto di Quinzano, particular sausage to be enjoyed both cooked and raw.
  • Chesse and milk →  Grana Padano is one of the most amous cheese, protected by the homonymous consortium for the protection of Grana Padano cheese.


Typical dishes of Desenzano del Garda

  • Cauliflower with black butter: cauliflower boiled and trimmed in butter, with the addition of egg, parsley and pepper.
  • “Costoletta alla milanese”:obtained from the veal rib passed in the egg and then in the breadcrumbs and finally fried in butter
  • Mascarpone chocolate cake: soft chocolate cake spread with mascarpone, sugar and coffee.
  • Hare in tart: hare cooked on a spit wet with cream, sprinkled with grated amaretti.
  • “Savoiarda”
  • “Uccelletti with cheese”: cheese rolls browned in butter.


Camping in Desenzano del Garda

Camping delle Rose

If you are looking for an accomodation in Desenzano del Garda, the “Camping delle Rose” is only 12 minutes aways.

It offers different types of accomodation:


In addition to the classic accommodation, the campsite offers:

  • Lodge at lake: 2 bedrooms, 1 loft bed, 1 sofa bed, 1 private bathroom, 1 kitchen and a large terrace. Moreover there is an outdoor veranda with lake view and lots of services (free wi-fi, Air Conditioning, Induction Cooker Hob and a vault)
  • Luxury mobile homes: 2 bedrooms, 2 private bathrooms with shower and bidet, 1 single sofa bed, Kitchen and a large terrace. There are mobile house directly at the Lake with a large terrace, wi-fi, hairdrye, dishwasher, air Conditioning and a cable radio.
  • Suite Superior:2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with hydromassage shower, cable radio system, strongbox, internet connection, internet tv, air conditioning, heating and a large terrace
  • ModelConfort: 2 bedrooms, 1 large bathroom, internet connection, internet tv, air conditioning, heating and a large terrace


The Camping delle rose faces on the Lake Garda, it’s just 1km far from Moniga del Gard and just 12 minutes far from Desenzano del Garda.

Moreover several accommodation it offers a beautiful and large beach, with a kiosk, a pier and slide for boats.

For a nice and relaxing stay the campsite has a relaxation area with wi-fi, salt water swimming pool and a jacuzzi and for the little ones there is a good playgroung.

While for those who prefer to keep active there is the possibility to rent sup boards and electric bicicles and doing funny water games.
To and the day with a delicious dinner at the restaurant with pizzeria which offers appetizers,homemade first courses and wines of the region, in addition to homemade wine.

Take advantage of the latest availability to effect a seasonal rental of a bungalow at our campsite in Moniga del Garda!

Weekend in Salò

Weekend in Salò

Who says that winter is not the right season for a holiday in our Camping delle Rose on the shores of Lake Garda?

You might think that I am simply making yet another advertisement or that I am lying to you. In fact, today I am telling you about a place worth visiting this weekend: the town of Salò.

Overlooking the gulf of the same name on Lake Garda, Salò is enclosed to the west and south by the Colli Morenici and to the north by Monte San Bartolomeo, presenting a diverse landscape suitable for both mountain and lake lovers.

Salò is far away only 12 km from the Campeggio delle Rose di Moniga del Garda and can be reached by the A4 motorway, exiting at the Brescia Est tollbooth and then continuing on the ring road to the town.

In addition, we offer various accommodations to suit your needs thanks to our large offer of lodges in Moniga del Garda, mobile homes, chalets and bungalows.

A view of Salò from above

What to see in Salò

Salò is a town of great historical importance: first, capital of the Magnifica Patria during the Venetian domination and then, in 1943, a town of great importance to the Italian Social Republic, which was also known as the Republic of Salò due to the presence of important ministries in the town of the same name.

But Salò doesn’t stop here: for lovers of unbridled shopping, it is full of commercial activities such as elegant shops, characteristic establishments and on Saturday mornings it is possible to visit the local market along the narrow streets of the town.

In addition, the Salò area offers historic bars, ice-cream parlours and luxury restaurants, where you can refresh yourself after a long walk through the streets of the centre or after having had the chance to stroll along the blue shore of Lake Garda.

The monumental attractions of Salò

Let’s start with a walk along the streets of Salò!

In the first place, we cannot mention the Palazzo della Magnifica Patria and the Palazzo del Podestà more, in the area of the landing stage, testimonies of the city’s history and today home to the municipal offices. Under the portico connecting the two palaces, you can admire the frescoes by Angelo Landi and the ancient coats of arms.

Next, we recommend a visit to the M.U.S.A. museum, housed in the church of Santa Giustina, which depicts the cultural and historical identity of Salò. It contains numerous art collections that refer to great local artists such as Gasparo Bertolotti, known as Gasparo da Salò, a musician to whom the MUSA dedicates the third room on the first floor.

On the ground floor there are also scientific collections such as the Pio Bettoni weather-seismic observatory in Salò.

In addition, inside the same church, it is possible to visit the Museo Storico del Nastro Azzurro, whose collections include testimonies and documents of decorated soldiers, relics from the Risorgimento and from the fronts of World War I and II, weapons and uniforms, and the A. M. Mucchi archaeological museum.

Entrance to the M.U.S.A. Museum

On the lakefront, we can see the Cathedral of Salò, a late-Gothic structure built by Filippo delle Vacche da Caravaggio. The façade has the peculiarity of remaining unfinished.

In summer, the square hosts important classical music concerts by some of Europe’s most famous orchestras conducted by the most famous international violin masters. The main evenings are complemented by exhibitions and other events related to the world of the violin and the famous violin maker.

Salò's cathedral

Salò also has surprises in store for film lovers.

Campoverde is home to the former Onda studio, where numerous carousels and documentaries were filmed. It is now a museum.
Pier Paolo Pasolini’s film Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma, set during the period of the Italian Social Republic but not in Salò, is famous.

What to do in the winter season?

Salò is an attractive destination for tourists even in winter.

There are Christmas markets, floating or traditional nativity scenes, or you can go ice-skating, often for free.

Families with a passion for winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding can enjoy beautiful ski slopes and modern, well-equipped ski schools with their children. The main ski destinations are: Monte Baldo, Altopiano Brentonico, Polsa and San Valentino.

For those who love adventure, the experience of Nordic Walking on Lake Garda is a must, thanks to its nature trails, such as routes in mountainous areas, hills, along the lake or through historic villages.

Local products

Thanks to its diversified landscape Salò is able to offer various local products: from the Portola variety of its strawberries to the typical dandelion and acacia marmalade and the Tassoni cedrata.

Salò also has a strong production of wines with important denominations such as Garda DOC, Valtenesi DOC, Benaco Bresciano IGT and Garda Bresciano DOC.

Finally, you can enjoy good food by booking a table in one of the town’s restaurants, such as risotto alla zucca, brasato, supa de can and spaghetti ai tre formaggi.


Salò's cuisine


The accommodation on Lake Garda in our Camping delle Rose is close to the wonderful town of Salò. We offer a range of services to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

In addition to the salt water swimming pool and wifi, we offer a catering service with a wide choice and possible take-away meals in case you prefer to dine at home.

During the hottest days, our kiosk bartenders will be happy to refresh you with excellent aperitifs and cocktails right on the beach.

Don’t miss the opportunity to book a mobile home facing the lake or our new solutions: the Superior Suites facing the lake and the Conforts! The reopening is scheduled from Easter Friday 2022.

If you want to reach Salò with the utmost comfort, you can take advantage of Crippa NCC transfer service of Sirmione, a convenient rental service with driver.













Electric bike rental at Campeggio delle Rose

A new service at Campeggio delle Rose – Electric bike rental

electric bike rental in moniga del garda

In Europe, Italy confirms itself  to be on the cutting edge when it comes to lead a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Thanks to the spread of cycle tourism, electric bikes rentals have become the new trend now, registering a true increase in sales. These vehicles are indeed very comfortable and maneuverable, allowing to all those people who have particular needs to bring a little more variety to their stay. And all this with complete respect of the environment.

Exclusively for this reason, Campeggio delle Rose is offering from now a new service, showing its progress form the pandemic. For all nature lovers, the Camping on lake’s shores is opening an electric bike rental. Therefore, it will be easier for everyone to have access to the unique landscapes that surround Italy’s biggest lake. An interesting and innovative idea, that gives a new chance to people of all ages, also thanks to the pedal-assisted drive of these bicycles.

electric bike rental csmpeggio delle rose

electric bike rental lake garda

And all of this, knowing that at the and of the trip you will have one of the fantastic accomodations and services that Campeggio delle Rose offers for you. Everything is available until the end of October, with options that include:

The cycle tourism and the pedal-assisted rise

bike rental on lake garda

Cycle tourism is by definition “tourism practiced driving by a bicycle”. But actually, cycle tourism is something more than that: it is a way to get closer to people and places, but on a deeper level.

The main features that cracterize this new proposal of tourism are two: the first one is related to the speed of movement, while the second one to the destination of the trip. As far as the speed of travel is concerned, cycling tourism proposes, unlike conventional means of transport, a speed at a human scale; it is therefore slow but, above all, sustainable. This allows to enjoy a direct relationship with the environmnet without damaging it. For this reason, many touristic organizations are preparing themselves to offer an electric bike rental.

As a direct consequence, in the case of cycle tourism, one cannot talk anymore about a way of travelling that sums “moving” to somewhere and “staying” in a specific place, but we could say that both staying and moving are part of one thing: as a matter of fact, it allows to live a deeper experience through your routes. Not only will you appreciate all the landscapes and cultural background of the places you are visiting, but you will also have the chance to truly connect with all the environment, wether it be natural or urban. The character of absolute originality of the cycling proposal is therefore that it replaces the traditional “tourist destination”  with the “route”: the very fact of moving through a territory, observing and knowing it, staying in a more or less programmed way for refreshment, visit or overnight, is the heart and essence of the tourist proposal.

Cycle tourism in Italy

According to the Tourism National Agency (ENIT), many tourist facilities are are equipping themselves more and more appropriately due to cycle tourists’ growing demand.

In particular, Italian and foreign cyclistss who choose to spend their holidays on a bike in Italy, tend to choose the northern regions. This because they offer many kilometers of quality bike routes and many additional services.                                                                                                  According to data, 61% of tourists is foreigner and 39% is Italian. This shows how this type of activity is appreciated also in dolce vita’s country.

Among all the available data, it emerges that in the regions of northern Italy there is a particular influx of cyclists not only in the summer months (as you might expect) but also in those immediately preceding and following (March and April, September and October).

The best bike routes from Moniga del Garda

bike trip on lake garda, moniga del garda

In the surroundings of Moniga del Garda, where you can enjoy incredible landscapes and medieval  villages with a unique atmosphere, taking a bike ride is one of the best options. The area is indeed rich in bike paths that you can explore with your bike, ranging from the shorter and simpler ones to the longer ones, suitable for more adventurous cyclists.

Here are some of the routes reccomended by the hiking website Komoot

Don’t miss autumn to spend a holiday in Moniga del Garda

lake garda in autumn, campeggio delle rose in moniga del garda

For an unforgettable vacation on Lake Garda, Campeggio delle Rose, offers the possibility to stay at their facilities until the end of october.


For all those who want to visit Lake Garda’s shores with complete sustainability and inmersed in the beauty of autumn colors!

Choose your stay at Campeggio delle Rose among the various options and book now your bungalow if you don’t want to miss this opportunity. 

bike rental in moniga del garda


Weekend on Lake Garda

Lake Garda-Weekend on Lake Garda

If you are looking for a weekend where to discover the activities that Lake Garda can offer, you are in the right place!

North of Verona, Lake Garda is the most suitable for families and water sports among the Italian lakes. It is also the largest lake in Italy, extending from the alpine mountains to the northern edge of the Pianura Padana

The southern shore is lined with beaches and backed by low hills, while to the north, mountains and cliffs overlooking the lake, especially along the western shore. Its terrain offers Lake Garda a wide variety of attractions for sports-loving tourists, from constant winds for sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing and also mountains for climbing, abseiling and mountain biking, all overlooking the lake.

At the same time, its location gives Lake Garda a year-round temperate climate where olives and lemons grow well. Furthermore we can find several well fortified castles, Roman remains and sites of interest for fans of the Second World War. Add long sandy beaches and a little bit of town with lakeside walks and cafes surrounding the postcard marinas, whose sole purpose seems to be the dolce vita, and Lake Garda truly has something for everyone. You could easily spend a weekend at Lake Garda without having to find yourself in the situation of not knowing how to occupy the time.

You could easily spend a weekend at Lake Garda without having to find yourself in the situation of not knowing how to occupy the time.

Weekend on Lake Garda: what to visit?

Thanks to the countless number of localities on the Garda lakefront, it is possible to visit numerous characteristic towns of the place, among the best known, we find: Sirmione, Desenzano del Garda, Malcesine, Riva del Garda.

Weekend on Lake Garda: SIRMIONE

Sirmione-Weekend on Lake Garda

The picturesque town of Sirmione is located at the end of a long promontory that juts out into Lake Garda from its southern shore.

It’s hard to find a more charming entrance to a city: across  a bridge on a drawbridge and into the courtyard of a castle that looks like it was built for a movie set. The fortress surrounded by water was built in the 12th century by the Scaligeri, the ruling family of Verona, as part of their defensive network against Milan and was subsequently maintained by the Venetian Empire.

Visit its restored interiors and climb the tower for a panoramic view of lake Garda and the city. Before the Scaligeri, the Romans came here to bath in the sulfur springs, which today are the basis of a luxurious spa.

Expect crowds in elegant Sirmione on weekends, filling its expensive boutiques and cafes.

Weekend on Lake Garda: DESENZANO DEL GARDA

Desenzano del Garda-Weekend on Lake Garda If you arrive at Lake Garda by train or from the A4 motorway, Desenzano del Garda is the place where you will probably see Italy’s largest lake for the first time.

Just west of Sirmione, it is a lively village centered on a basin of the tourist port and on the piers from which steamboats and hydrofoils leave for the towns around Lake Garda.

There isn’t much left of the castle that once crowned its hill, but Villa Romana, a Roman villa, has been excavated near the historic center and features impressive mosaics. The parish church preserves a painting by Tiepolo.

With numerous bars and restaurants and convenient boat connections, Desenzano is a great base for exploring the lake. Most of the best beaches on Lake Garda are found along this southern shore.

Weekend on Lake Garda: MALCESINE

Malcesine-Weekend on Lake Garda

Malcesine is a well-known tourist resort on the Veronese side of the upper Lake Garda. At its top, a 13th-century castle, a Scaliger Castle, stands on a cliff, whose ramparts fall directly onto the lake below.

The views are, of course, superb, as the opposite shore of Lake Garda is even steeper and in this northern segment the mountains rise on all sides. It is possible to visit the castle and the museum inside.

Narrow alleys lead up to the castle through a jumble of medieval stone buildings and small squares. Inevitably, a city this perfect image will have its share of temptations for tourists, making it a pleasant stopping place for strolling, dining and browsing the artists’ studios.

On the uphill side of the main road, where there is also a convenient place to park while visiting Malcesine, a revolving cable car takes you even higher to views and trails along the scenic ridge of Monte Baldo.

Weekend on Lake Garda: RIVA DEL GARDA

Riva del Garda-Weekend on Lake Garda

At the northern end of Lake Garda, Riva del Garda is located between the mountains and the water, a pleasant combination of ancient medieval streets and sunny parks and seaside promenades.

Hovering above the historic center on the precipitous Rocchetta is a Venetian watchtower, and below, in the porticoed square of the port, there is a massive clock tower.

To the east, on the lake shore, stands the ancient Rocca del Riva, yet another Scaligeri castle, built between the 12th and 15th centuries. Inside is the excellent Civic Museum, with prehistoric and later finds, well exhibited and interpreted.

The beach of nearby Torbole is best known as one of the best spots for windsurfing and kitesurfing due to the constant winds, which also make the northern part of Lake Garda a favorite for sailing. Lessons and rentals for both sports are available here.




Weekend on Lake Garda: Sport, nature and adventure.

On Lake Garda, sport, nature and adventure blend perfectly: with family or friends, as a couple or alone, finding the right offer is easy.

Lake Garda is an ideal place for water sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing and canoeing, but also for motorboat trips, fishing and swimming.

The wonderful landscape invites to have a bike trip and mountain tours, horse riding, tennis, climbing, paragliding and golf. Nature lovers can take long walks in the surrounding mountains. Some areas of Lake Garda are perfectly connected with lakeside walks and cycle paths.

A relaxing excursion leads from Desenzano to Peschiera on the cycle path and then leads to Lazise along the lakefront. The round trip from Desenzano to Lazise takes about 60 km!

On Monte Baldo you can find numerous cycling and downhill routes. The ski lift starts from Malcesine. The cross-country cycle path leads from Brenzone del Garda to Campo, then to the Boccino Church, Castello, and then back to Sommavilla and Assenza.

For the fun and thrill of the whole family it is possible to visit the surrounding natural parks and amusement parks. An example Gardaland has always been one of the most beautiful theme parks in Italy.


Weekend on Lake Garda: where to stay?

Spend the weekend on Lake Garda at the Camping delle Rose in Moniga del Garda!

Here you will find bungalows, superior lakefront suites and mobile homes to suit your needs.

Campeggio delle Rose- Bungalow

Inside the Campeggio delle Rose there is a salt water swimming pool for adults and children.The pool has a relaxation area with wi-fi as well as a whirlpool equipped with comfortable sun beds. Not to forget that our structure is a few meters from Lake Garda.

Campeggio delle Rose-swimming pool

To consult our special offers and availability do not hesitate to contact us. Many offers to spend a weekend on Lake Garda in total relaxation or with the many activities present.

The birth of tourism on Lake Garda

Lake Garda: theater of historical battles and important influences cultural

Lake Garda, also called Benarco (dating back to Roman times, the original name of the body of water) following the settlement of the Romans between the 2nd and 1st centuries BC. it is the protagonist of the influence of the Lombard culture.

The thirteenth century saw the affirmation of the Lords of Verona, the Scaligeri, who built numerous castles. Their place was then taken by the Visconti and the Republic of Venice, which came to govern the whole lake with the exception of Riva del Garda.

Lake Garda was the scene of several important battles and it was during the Second World War that Salò returned to be historically important when in October 1943 Mussolini proclaimed it the capital of the newly formed Social Republic of Salò.

Tourism on Lake Garda

Starting after the Second World War, the explosion of mass tourism has transformed Lake Garda into one of the main Italian tourist destinations, which receives over 24 million visitors a year. The place where memorable battles took place gave space to natural and water parks that offer fun for all ages. In addition to castles and historical monuments, attractions have been added to spend pleasant nights in this magical atmosphere, between the lights on the lake and the fireworks of summer nights.

Origins of tourism on Lake Garda

Tourism on Lake Garda dates back to Roman times, in particular from the early imperial age, an age in which magnificent villas were conceived on the shores of the lake as places dedicated to otium (an activity reserved for the ruling classes) and leisure.

A place of particular importance both in the imperial age and today is Sirmione, a privileged place for the presence of sulphurous springs which allows it to be used as a spa. Another indicator of elite tourism is certainly the construction of castles and noble villas during the Renaissance.

The beginning of “modern” tourism on Lake Garda dates back to the late nineteenth century in the north-western area of ​​the lake. Luigi Wimmer, an Italian engineer and patriot of German origin, as well as the mayor of Gardone Riviera, began the construction of a small hotel completed by his wife after her death. Over time, this hotel, with its various extensions, became one of the buildings that today constitutes the famous Grand Hotel Gardone Riviera.

turism on Lake Garda - garand hotel gardone riviera

The tourism on the Veronese shore of the lake, on the other hand, came much later, in the 1930s, when the current Garda road was built. With the increase in the influx of tourists, it was decided to build pedestrian walkways along the shores of the lake, for which it was necessary to demolish the houses that directly overlooked its waters.

Changes and diversity: tourism on Lake Garda

After the end of the Second World War, tourism on Lake Garda underwent a change over the years: classic tourism, characterized by medium / long stays, alternated with the so-called short tourism, characterized by stays of a few days or even in the space of a single day.

Thanks to this change, the number of tourists has expanded, some of whom often come from all parts of Europe, infact, it is possible to have the opportunity to meet, in addition to Italians, French, Swiss, Germans or Dutch.

The diversity lies as much in the origin of the tourists as in the services that are offered. One type of tourism that has seen strong growth has been health & wellness. The presence of thermal waters, such as those of Sirmione, has intrigued more and more people motivated by the various benefits that can be drawn from them.

In 1948 there was the opening of the first Treatment Center for Rhinogenic Deafness in Italy in the Società Terme e Grandi Alberghi in Sirmione.

turismo sul lago di garda - sirmione

Lake Garda and its surroundings constitute a context rich in multifaceted environments and modern infrastructures that allow you to enjoy both its beaches and its hinterland.

Another attraction for tourists are the many sports that can be practiced: from hiking in the mountains to fishing, from golf to rowing and much more.

The hinterland of the lake offers the possibility of mountain biking or trekking and long excursions in the mountains. Find various itineraries and information that may be useful to you at the link regarding trekking on Lake Garda.

Tourism on Lake Garda: Theme parks

Furthermore, again in the second half of the twentieth century, a real entertainment industry was formed along Lake Garda and in its immediate vicinity: numerous parks today collectively known as the Garda Parks.

The most important of these are:

Gardaland, a theme park with numerous tourist attractions, an accommodation facility and a spectacular aquarium,

Canevaworld, has two different parks, one themed on the world of cinema and a water park

Parco Natura Viva, a wildlife park that gives the opportunity to admire various endangered species that the park treats and then reinserts in the wild;

Sigurtà garden park, a 60 hectare green oasis along the Mincio river.

What more could you want from the relaxation area of ​​Campeggio delle Rose after an intense day of windsurfing or trekking?

To make you the protagonists of these experiences, the Campeggio delle Rose channels you into days of total relaxation among the beaches or comfortable salt water pools surrounded by greenery.

Directly overlooking the lake, the structure has a pier and a boat slide which are particularly helpful for practicing sports.

A salt water swimming pool and a comfortable and regenerating whirlpool is ideal to crown a day of well-being. The lake is, in fact, perfect especially for windsurfing, as well as for fishing and diving enthusiasts.

Camping delle Rose: Bungalows and mobile homes

The Campeggio delle Rose offers, in addition to the services mentioned above, various accommodation options. The campsite has various types of bungalows on Lake Garda, all equipped with one or more comfortable double bedrooms but also exclusive lodges overlooking Lake Garda, perfect for relaxing while admiring an unprecedented view thanks to an outdoor veranda.

The property offers pitches for true camping lovers. In addition, children up to 3 years do not pay! Here you will find all the information you need on the various types of accommodation.

If you already know all the excluded services, check the availability of Campeggio delle Rose for an unforgettable experience welcomed by the friendly and professional staff.


Summer 2021 on Lake Garda

Summer 2021 on Lake Garda

Summer is coming! For the summer, many tourists flock to the shores of Lake Garda every year, where art, culture and numerous events are framed in breathtaking landscapes and small villages. Here are some ideas for your unforgettable summer experience here at Lake Garda!

The Lake

Lake Garda, also called Benaco, is the largest lake in Italy and is located between the regions of Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige. Surrounded by 25 villages and 5 islets, it hosts countless monuments, squares, gardens and fortresses that offer an overview of its history and why the lake has become the home of famous writers and painters over the years. Another point in favor is the climate that characterizes it; hot summers, sometimes hot but pleasant days and excellent for taking a dip and staying on the beach, and mild winters with little rain. The climate, moreover, favors the presence of local and genuine products known worldwide and appreciated by all, including olives, lemons, wines and truffles

View of Lake Garda

Countries and villages not to be missed

Countries and villages not to be missed. Based on their position, the towns of Lake Garda are divided into three geographical areas. They take their name from the region they belong to and are so called:

Among the most infamous we undoubtedly find: Sirmione, Desenzano and Peschiera. Countries rich in beauty, history, activities and events throughout the year and finally with many beaches, lidos where the water is crystal clear. The following villages are undoubtedly noteworthy:

  • Limone sul Garda: a town that extends along the high rocky walls north of Lake Garda and is the northernmost place in Italy where citrus crops can be found. Once the economy of this locality was based on fishing and the cultivation of olive groves and lemons. Even today there are traces of this agricultural past, in the pillars and walls of the lemon houses, the characteristic gardens where lemons are grown, and in the characteristic fishing port. A magnificent village that smells of tradition and Italy!
  • Salò: historically known for being the capital of the Italian Social Republic. Today it is characterized by the presence of buildings of great historical and artistic value, the suggestive and romantic lakefront with various beaches, and by breathtaking landscapes enriched with shops and clubs in a modern key.

  • Gardone Riviera: a few steps from the beautiful Salò, you are in this elegant village that welcomes visitors with the Grand Hotel, built in 1884, which stands out at the beginning of the lakeside promenade. by Gabriele D’Annunzio, the Vittoriale degli Italiani with immense gardens, palaces and the adjoining house museum of the artist. Also not to be missed are the fabulous botanical gardens of the André Heller Foundation, where you seem to travel between continents in the blink of an eye.


Lake Garda Painting

Summer on Lake Garda: where to swim on Lake Garda

We are not talking about the sea but as for beaches and crystal clear waters, Lake Garda does not miss anything. Here are some of the most beautiful beaches of Lake Garda:

  • Pisenze beach – Manerba: located between the Isola dei Conigli (or Isola di San Biagio) and the Rocca di Manerba, it offers blue water in which the emerald green of the surrounding nature is reflected. From the beach you can reach the island of San Biagio with a walk, starting from Punta Belvedere.


  • Baia biancaManerba (BS): characterized by white and very fine sand imported directly from the Caribbean!


  • Jamaica BeachSirmione: at the extreme northern tip of the peninsula on which Sirmione is located, exactly under the famous Grotte di Catullo, is Jamaica Beach, a free beach, characterized by crystal clear water, thanks to the presence of slabs of rock that rise above the backdrop.


  • Romantic BeachMoniga: the largest and most famous in Moniga del Garda. beautiful and preferred by tourists in all seasons as it is exposed to the east and kissed by the sun throughout the day. Do not miss the romantic lakeside promenade, which offers contrasts between the blue of Lake Garda, the green of nature and the colors of the sunset.


Summer holidays 2021 on Lake Garda in safety at the Camping delle Rose

Campeggio delle Rose

Staying on the shore with a lake view and surrounded by nature? Campeggio delle Rose is everything you are looking for for your summer on Lake Garda.

The Campeggio delle Rose, located 1 km from the town of Moniga del Garda, directly overlooks the lake and covers an area of ​​30,000 square meters.

The property has a beach, pier, boat slip, reception, bar, restaurant with pizzeria, as well as a relaxation area with wi-fi, salt water swimming pool and whirlpool.

Guests, welcomed by the friendly and professional staff of Campeggio delle Rose, can choose between various types of holidays: the choice ranges from Mobile Homes facing Lake Garda to Chalets and Bungalows, as well as pitches for tents and caravans.

Strictly following the government directives, Campeggio delle Rose is able to offer its customers maximum safety for its guests. The various accommodations available in fact guarantee the necessary privacy to be able to enjoy a holiday in serenity a stone’s throw from the shores of Lake Garda.

Lulled by the Garda breeze and reassured by the surrounding mountains, you can choose the most suitable accommodation for a safe summer holiday. Consult the website of the Campeggio delle Rose in Moniga del Garda for more information on the different accommodation solutions.


Campeggio delle Rose Moniga

A break from the city surrounded by nature: spend your green holiday on Lake Garda

If you think that holiday means spending time surrounded by nature, relaxing and taking care of yourself, we have the perfect proposal for you: spend your green holiday on Lake Garda.

Last summer, Espresso Communication carried out a research which demonstrated that about 50% of Italians would like to spend their holiday far away from metropolis, as they prefer the contact with nature and sustainability. We totally agree with this idea and we think that a green holiday on Lake Garda is a great way to find youself and to connect yourself with everything around you. It’s a sort of way back to the origins which is also an opportunity to reduce our negative impact on the environment.

Here at Camping delle Rose, it isn’t difficult to find green areas where you can play sports or just relax: our camping is completely surrounded by nature. It’s possible to dive both into the saltwater swimming pool and the lake or to lay down on our beach, but you can also explore the lake with the stand up paddle boards or play sport in our equipped area.

Green holiday on Lake Garda: discover the territory by bike

Green holiday on Lake Garda

Your green holiday on Lake Garda can continue outside the camping. In fact, the lake is surrounded by many cycle paths which allow you to move without using the car. Last year, a project to make Lake Garda completely cycle started: the first stretch of Garda by Bike, connecting Limone del Garda with the province of Trento, was inaugurated on 14th July 2018.

Another advantage of moving by bike is the beautiful view, which is certainly better than the one you can enjoy through the window of your car. Renting a bike in this area is very easy and cheap and the possibility to avoid a travel by car, the parking and the traffic is a cure-all to the stress of the year. Moreover, don’t forget that biking is good for your health!

Green holiday on Lake Garda dedicated to aquatic sports

Green holiday on the Lake Garda - Windsurf

For sport and adrenaline lovers, a windsurf board or a sailing boat are the best ways to enjoy the view of the lake. In fact, both tourists and local inhabitants practice these activities and many other aquatic sports all the year round. Besides sailing, windsurf, kitesurf and rowing, it’s possible and highly suggested to practice activities outside water but just as much fascinating, such as paragliding and climbing.

Garda Green Card

Green holiday especially means low impact on the environment and Lake Garda offers endless possibilities to have fun, eat well and spend your holiday without weighing on Lake Garda ecosystem. Some towns offer the possibility to promote positive behaviours through the activation of a Garda Green Card which allows for the accumulation of points by using sustainable services, such as bike rental, local restaurants, electric vehicle charging stations, but also events and theme parks in the area. These points can be used to obtain discounts and advantages with the interesting possibility to check your real contribution to the respect of the environment.

Accommodation for your green holiday on Lake Garda: Camping delle Rose

Green holiday on Lake Garda - Bungalow

Our Camping delle Rose offers a wide choice of accommodations, all surrounded by naturebungalows, mobile-homes, chalet or pitches for tents. Moreover, the new Lodge at Lake and Suite Superior allow you to enjoy the lake view from an innovative and design place.

Check the availability of Camping delle Rose on our website and don’t hesitate to contact us for further information!

June 2018 : The events at Garda Lake that you don’t want to miss

If you are an enthusiast of fine food, art or sport we have something for you :  plenty of events dedicated to the exploration of these areas  will be organised from the 2nd of June at the Garda Lake

Summer is now on the way and with the beginning of the summer any opportunity to take a break from the daily routine should be taken. Here we have a selection of events that you should not  miss in June.

Food and wine events at Garda Lake :

Italia in Rosa 2018

June begins with one of the most important events of rosé wine in Italy, it takes place right here, in Moniga del Garda. Inside the beautiful castle of Monica del Garda (located only 1km away from our Lodge overlooking the Garda Lake), you will be able to meet 160 winemakers coming from every part of Italy and taste more than 200 displayed labels. The castle will be decorated in pink from the 1st to the 3rd of June, so don’t sleep on it!

Palio del chiarettoant

On the opposite bank of the Lake, in front of Moniga, another event will take place. Dedicated to the local food and gastronomy, the 14th edition of the event “Palio del chiaretto” will be represented with the colour pink evident throughout all the city of Bardolino in the first weekend of June. This city located on the venetian side of the Garda Lake is the place where the famous DOC wine is bottled. Next to the wine production you can also find pyrotechnic shows, musical events and sport competitions (a special attention should be given to the Dragon-shaped boats national race because it’s a newsworthy event).

Eatinero Summer Tour

From the 1st to the 3rd of June, the square Aldo Moro in Manerba del Garda will be crowded by italian’s best food trucks. They will fill up the city with all the street food needed to embrace the summer in the best way possible. By their side, concerts, dj sets and shows for all ages will take place, a good way to entertain everybody from the kids to the adults as there is always something to do. From the 29th of June the tasty trucks will move forward to Padenghe sul Garda, surrounded by the awesome natural landscape of Parco Vaso Rì.

june events on lake garda itinero

Music and cultural events in June:

Music and culture fans will also find excellent opportunities to add even more value to their stay at Garda Lake : in fact in June, every evening the area will be lit up with events that vary from concerts and gigs to art exhibitions.

Fusion Arts Vol. V

On the 17th of June, Puegnago del Garda and the cultural association SinErgetica will host Fusion Arts, this year will be the fifth edition of the art festival. In the stunning landscape of Villa Galnica the cultural association will inaugurate the “CONFINI” project, there you will be able to see the exhibition – and the award ceremony – of a large number of projects created by local artists and non artists. The participants will also be able to enjoy poetry performances and musical entertainment during the entire event.

Classic music in Sant’Antonio

With its first appointment being held in may, the cultural review, most appreciated by music enthusiasts in and around Lonato del Garda  presents three events in June. The festival aims to enhance the awesome Sant’Antonio Abate’s church and its surroundings through several high quality music shows which allow the audience to rediscover – and remember – their love for classical music. The dates are set for the 3rd of June with “Trio Kronos” (trio for violin, cello and piano.), the 1oth of June with the “Orchestra a Plettro” (string orchestra) from the city of Brescia’s Conservatory, while Marino Benedetti’s “quartetto d’archi di Milano” (string quartet) closes the event on the 17th of June.

Festival Suoni e Sapori del Garda 2018

Also present is the 6th edition of the famous itinerant sacred music festival which began in the past may. This year’s concept can be literally translated as “great music on the water and in places of the spirit”. Like the previous editions this festival consists of a series of shows that takes place in Garda Lake’s churches, offering concerts, food tasting and guided tours of the places. This event will start at Gavarso on saturday the 2nd, Gardone Riviera on both saturday the 9th and the 30th, while on friday the 15th it will be set at Toscolano Maderno.

june events suoni e sapori lake garda

Toscolano Maderno’s Paper Museum

Still at Toscolano Maderno, this time a little bit more far away from the lake, the dismissed paper district stands on the riverbanks of the Toscolano river, which was exploited for paper production in the ‘400. When the factories closed the production the nature took over on the buildings, but in 2007, after two years of works, the Paper Museum opened its doors, you can reach it after a relaxing walk through the woods. The “Di Acqua e di Carta” (of water and paper) opening exhibition is set for the 2nd of June, while the 29th the museum will host some video installations by the students of the Munich’s Ludwig-Maximilian University.


June’s sports events at Garda Lake:

Holidays at Garda Lake are not only about food, culture and relaxation: if you are a sports lover you’ll be settled with a vast offer of sport events where “challenge yourself” is the keyword, while if you just want to chill out you can always attend the great parties that follow the competitions!

june events bardolino triathlon lake garda

35th edition of Bardolino’s International Triathlon

Italy’s most participated Triathlon comes to its 35th edition. Last year 2000 athletes have competed in the three sporting disciplines (running, biking and swimming) while their families were cheering and following the event from the stands or the giant screen. This year’s competition will take place on the 16th of june and, as always, a big party with pasta, fruits and sweets for everyone will follow the prize-giving ceremony.

8° Pro-Aido Kayak Garda Tour

From the 25th to the 30th of june, starting from Desenzano and finishing at Toscolano Maderno (also stopping by Moniga del Garda), a six day long tour of the lake, including lunches and dinners, with organized night camps will take place at the Garda Lake. A perfect opportunity to do a good deed while supporting Italy’s Organ Donor Association, having fun and enjoying the landscape from an unusual point of view.

We can safely say that you won’t get bored at all in June at the Garda Lake: you will find a lot of funny events for everyone throughout all of the month and beyond.

But if you would rather just relax on the beach campeggio delle rose, covered with green spaces, it has all of what you need to enjoy a pleasant stay right before the start of the summer season: a saltwater swimming pool, a kids playground, a sports field and a lot of water sports equipments.

june events suite superior lake garda

Our offer also includes different types of accommodation, such as the amazing Luxury Mobil Homes directly at the Lake Garda (they overlook the lake through a large terrace), while for the ones who prefer to travel with a caravan we have more than 130 pitches, also for tents, providing all the necessary services.

If you need more information about our bungalows, mobil-homes and chalets at the Garda Lake and if you want to check the availability in our camping delle rose, take a look at our site and don’t hesitate to contact us!