Where to stay in spring on Lake Garda

with the arrival of beautiful days, the desire to spend the afternoon at the lake or at the beach is growing! When I imagine spring, I imagine it like this: the vegetation reborn then the blossoming trees and their delicate scent on a warm sunny day. You can experience all this by visiting one of Italy’s largest lakes, Lake Garda! The harmony of springtime at Lake Garda, is incomparable!
Spring in Lake Garda

We offer you different spring vacation ideas for all kinds of needs

Are you a sporty person? Are you a business man who is looking forward to disconnect and relax your body and mind? Do you have children and want to spend a few days relaxing but want to keep your little ones entertained? Lake Garda offers every kind of experience possible, and trust me, its scenery will leave you speechless! Continue reading the article to find out about the different vacation proposals.

1. SPA break

If you are looking for a relaxing vacation, you cannot miss spending Lazise in spring in Lake Garda at least a day at one of the many spas offered by Lake Garda. Absolutely not to be missed are the Sirmione spas. The thermal waters of Sirmione originate in the Monte Baldo basin and are channeled into the two wells, Virgilio and Catullo. You can’t miss the Catullus thermal baths either, which enjoy an ancient history thanks in part to the archaeological complex of the Catullus Caves , one of the best-preserved sites in northern Italy. Another very famous complex nestled among rare plants and ancient trees is the “Garda Thermal Park of Villa dei Cedri , a 13-hectare natural spa with lakes pools with whirlpools, fountains and waterfalls. If you want to move a little further to the city of Verona, we have Aquardens, one of the largest thermal parks in Italy, developed on an area of over 5000sqm.

2. Outdoor vacation for the more sporty

For outdoor lovers, the bike path, “Garda by bike,” a construction of a tour around Lake Garda of more than 140 km between Cape Reamol to Limone sul Garda, has finally been completed. The bike path provides wonderful views and is also suitable for families as it is well demarcated. Lake Garda is a great place for water sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing and canoeing, as well as for speedboat trips, fishing and swimming. But the lake is also air not just water, Monte Baldo is a paradise for paragliders, the unique views and optimal weather and wind conditions make it a perfect destination! Visit the Malcesine and Monte Baldo cable car schedules online. For the less adventurous, it is still possible to take a beautiful bike ride or walk to capture every corner of Lake Garda with a shot. For the adventurous little ones who want to try their hand at trails on Canadian bridges and hanging from lianas, the Natura viva Park and the wonderful Sigurtà Garden Park surrounded by nature are a must-visit.
Lake Garda Spring activities

3. Explorative vacation

If you have more of a traveler-itinerator spirit then what’s right for you is to choose a destination (and there are plenty of options) in one of the small burgs and then explore the surrounding area. Lake Garda has a particular shape: in the northern part it is narrow in a funnel shape, while in the south it widens. As a result of its particular shape, the landscape that is bathed by the lake has many facets and a jaw-dropping diversity. In the northern part, the most beautiful towns are: Riva del Garda, Torbole, and Limone sul Garda. In the southern part, the following should be mentioned: Desenzano del Garda, Peschiera del Garda, and Sirmione. These are just a few of the places this place has to offer, remembering that every small village, though less famous, has its own uniqueness. A fantastic proposal to explore not always by the usual means is to rent a boat. Through a boat excursion you will surely not miss relax, sunsets, good food and healthy fun.
Monte Baldo Spring Lake Garda

4. Entertainment for all ages

We can’t miss anything, right? One of the largest and most popular entertainment parks in Italy is Gardaland spring Lake Gardalocated right in Castelnuovo del Garda, and that is Gardaland! Surely you have already heard of it. Gardaland offers numerous attractions, cinema, aquarium, and much more for all age groups. In addition, you can visit the new movie-themed park focusing on special effects, Movie Studios, or you can even catch a medieval show at Medieval Times. In Spring, temperatures are rising so you need some water to refresh yourself, so why not take a trip to one of Italy’s most themed water parks? We’re talking about Canevaworld, which overlooks Lake Garda and is located in Lazise.

Ideas for celebrating Easter

Everything you have just read can be seen as the “perfect Easter day” different from the usual. Easter falls on April 9 this year, so the weather on Lake Garda is mild and perfect for a cultural exploration, a bike ride along the lake, and a walk through the streets of the most beautiful burgs.
  • Another option may be to have a picnic by the lake with your family, or as the popular saying goes, “with whomever you want.” It is surely a cheap but very pleasant alternative considering all the little beaches there are. If you don’t want to give up traditional cuisine, there are plenty of well-reviewed restaurants that offer the gastronomic specialties of this land. Traditional lunch usually does not lack bresaola and polenta.
  • An interesting event that takes place every year in Tremosine at Easter is the festival of S. Ciapì, which originates from an ancient local tradition. The game has kept intact the simple flavor of the tradition that catapults participants into a faraway setting where games were made of very simple things; in fact, the traditional game that one must participate in at Easter is armed with colored eggs. A fantastic way to celebrate Easter in company.
  • Bardolino during this day is colored with visibly impactful displays and little markets.

Where to stay in Easter and spring at Lake Garda

If you are thinking of staying in spring at Lake Garda, there is a lovely place with a view of the lake that you absolutely cannot miss! Just on April 7, Campeggio delle Rose, a camping site located right in front of Lake Garda in Moniga del Garda, will open its doors to the public again. This type of accommodation is suitable for any type of vacation you take. It is perfect for a vacation alone because there will be no lack of opportunities for getting to know each other and socializing in the saltwater pool or on the private beach. It is perfect for a family vacation because the campground is very shady and airy and thanks also to the new features introduced such as the new playground, SUP boards and the possibility to play with the new water games it is perfect for children. But why not, it is also perfect for a couple’s vacation because the beach does not lack privacy and romance.

Different needs mean different types of accommodations:

  • LODGE AT LAKE directly at lake with availability places 4+4,2 double bedrooms, 1 double bed on the loft, double sofa bed, 1 private bathroom, kitchen and large terrace.
  • LUXURY MOBILE HOME AT LAKE perfect for a romantic vacation for couple or family places 4+1 also here with large terrace and availability of 2 private bathrooms.
  • SUITE SUPERIOR MODEL, with a lake view seats 4+1 with seveCampeggio delle rose spring Lake Gardaral indoor comforts: 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with whirlpool shower, piped system, safe, internet TV, wireless zone, air conditioning, heating and large terrace. Definitely one of the most beautiful and luxurious types.
  • CONFORT MODEL, places 4+2 with 2 bedrooms, 1 large bathroom with bidet, internet tv, wireless zone, air conditioning, heating and a large terrace.
  • MOBILE HOMES, maximum 6 persons with 1 double bed, 2 single beds, sofa bed, toilet with shower and sink, air conditioning, heating, table and chairs, umbrella, TV Sat, kitchen, dishes. Perfect for a family vacation!
  • CHALET , shown in the second picture above right is perfect for 4 people and has a large double bedroom, sofa bed, bathroom with shower, table and chairs, TV, spacious living room with large kitchenette, air conditioning and heating.
  • BUNGALOW, for 4 people with double bedroom, living room with one-seat sofa bed + pull-out bed unit, kitchen with kitchenette, table, TV, bathroom with sink, toilet, bidet, outdoor furniture.
Do not hesitate to book on Campeggio delle Rose your vacation, you will find on your arrival friendly, professional staff who will be able to help you regarding any request.