Lake Garda Museums

In this article we will talk about some of the Lake Garda museums with an extensive overview of the many cultural attractions that offer such as archeology, gastronomy, enology and cars. You can choose the most suitable option for your cultural visit among the wide variety of museums close by Lake Garda: let’s find out about them.

The suggestive Lake Garda museums: from archeology to cars

Grotte di Catullo

sirmione grotte di catullo

Grotte di Catullo is one of the most famous archeological site regarding the roman age. There, it is also located the roman villa of the notorious Latin Poet Catullo, who used to enjoy the breathtaking view of Sirmione from the comfort of his house. You can enjoy the beauty of this landscape, celebrated by the imperishable verse of the poet. It is also possible to visit the  archeological museum of Sirmione. There you can relive past age thanks to affreschi, ceramic and bronze-made objects and stuccoes ranging from prehistoric, roman and medieval age.


Wine museum of Bardolino

wine museum garda lake

Wine museum of Bardolino let you live the true experience of the wine-producing industry from an exceptional location: Flli Zeni winery , a family which work and live in this industry since generations. The museum covers every wine production phases: from harvesting of the wine to  bottling of the final product. Besides observing the wine-producing tools, it is possible to taste the wine produced on site in the nearby Enoteca for a full sense experience.

Oil museum of Bardolino

oil museum garda lake

Garda Oil is known all over the world for its high quality.

Oil museum of Bardolino was founded in the 80s and it was the first museum dedicated to olive oil in Italy. It preserves some of the most remarkable instruments for handcrafted Olive Oil production. In exposition you can admire an oil mill of the 19th century, lever press, screw presses and mills in stone for oil mill. The museum offers visitors tasting of the numerous olive products with oils that varies in colour, taste and  consistency. Lastly, don’t miss the opportunity to get yourself one of this handcrafted olive oil in the  store! A large variety of high quality options is assured.

Library of the Academy of Salò

library of the academy salò garda lake

Library of the Academy of Salò   can claim the excellent preservation of more more than 25.000 volumes including wonderful manuscripts dating from the thirteenth century, incunabula, codex and publications of documents of “Magnifica Patria” from the sixteenth century. Free access, borrow and consult of the book makes it an obligatory cultural visit for anyone who wants to learn more about the territory of Garda and find an ancient literary heritage.


Nicolis Museum of Cars, Technology and Mechanics

nicolis car museum verona garda lake

Nicolis Museum of Cars, Technology and Mechanics  in Villafranca di Verona is the perfect visit for everyone who is passionate about motors. It is situated fifteen minutes away from Garda lake and includes a rich collection of vehicles. 200 vintage vehicles, 100 motorbikes, 110 bycicles to which are added 100 musical instruments, 500 cameras and 100 typewriters. There is also a rare collection of Formula One wheel of  the most famous and appreciated car racing competition in Italy and in the world. The term “museum” is simplistic  to describe a place that celebrates the mixture of  modern and antique technology as wished by the founder Luciano Nicolis.


Camping delle Rose

camping delle rose garda lake

If you plan to visit the museums of the Lake Garda you should find a place to rest after long days of cultural activities.

We suggest you to consider Camping delle Rose in Moniga del Garda, directly facing the lake, in a peaceful and natural environment,  is the ideal solution to relax after visiting museums. The wide choice of accomodations from bungalows and mobile homes to pitches, will satisfy all your needs and guarantee a comfortable stay.


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