Weekend in Salò

Weekend in Salò

Who says that winter is not the right season for a holiday in our Camping delle Rose on the shores of Lake Garda?

You might think that I am simply making yet another advertisement or that I am lying to you. In fact, today I am telling you about a place worth visiting this weekend: the town of Salò.

Overlooking the gulf of the same name on Lake Garda, Salò is enclosed to the west and south by the Colli Morenici and to the north by Monte San Bartolomeo, presenting a diverse landscape suitable for both mountain and lake lovers.

Salò is far away only 12 km from the Campeggio delle Rose di Moniga del Garda and can be reached by the A4 motorway, exiting at the Brescia Est tollbooth and then continuing on the ring road to the town.

In addition, we offer various accommodations to suit your needs thanks to our large offer of lodges in Moniga del Garda, mobile homes, chalets and bungalows.

A view of Salò from above

What to see in Salò

Salò is a town of great historical importance: first, capital of the Magnifica Patria during the Venetian domination and then, in 1943, a town of great importance to the Italian Social Republic, which was also known as the Republic of Salò due to the presence of important ministries in the town of the same name.

But Salò doesn’t stop here: for lovers of unbridled shopping, it is full of commercial activities such as elegant shops, characteristic establishments and on Saturday mornings it is possible to visit the local market along the narrow streets of the town.

In addition, the Salò area offers historic bars, ice-cream parlours and luxury restaurants, where you can refresh yourself after a long walk through the streets of the centre or after having had the chance to stroll along the blue shore of Lake Garda.

The monumental attractions of Salò

Let’s start with a walk along the streets of Salò!

In the first place, we cannot mention the Palazzo della Magnifica Patria and the Palazzo del Podestà more, in the area of the landing stage, testimonies of the city’s history and today home to the municipal offices. Under the portico connecting the two palaces, you can admire the frescoes by Angelo Landi and the ancient coats of arms.

Next, we recommend a visit to the M.U.S.A. museum, housed in the church of Santa Giustina, which depicts the cultural and historical identity of Salò. It contains numerous art collections that refer to great local artists such as Gasparo Bertolotti, known as Gasparo da Salò, a musician to whom the MUSA dedicates the third room on the first floor.

On the ground floor there are also scientific collections such as the Pio Bettoni weather-seismic observatory in Salò.

In addition, inside the same church, it is possible to visit the Museo Storico del Nastro Azzurro, whose collections include testimonies and documents of decorated soldiers, relics from the Risorgimento and from the fronts of World War I and II, weapons and uniforms, and the A. M. Mucchi archaeological museum.

Entrance to the M.U.S.A. Museum

On the lakefront, we can see the Cathedral of Salò, a late-Gothic structure built by Filippo delle Vacche da Caravaggio. The façade has the peculiarity of remaining unfinished.

In summer, the square hosts important classical music concerts by some of Europe’s most famous orchestras conducted by the most famous international violin masters. The main evenings are complemented by exhibitions and other events related to the world of the violin and the famous violin maker.

Salò's cathedral

Salò also has surprises in store for film lovers.

Campoverde is home to the former Onda studio, where numerous carousels and documentaries were filmed. It is now a museum.
Pier Paolo Pasolini’s film Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma, set during the period of the Italian Social Republic but not in Salò, is famous.

What to do in the winter season?

Salò is an attractive destination for tourists even in winter.

There are Christmas markets, floating or traditional nativity scenes, or you can go ice-skating, often for free.

Families with a passion for winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding can enjoy beautiful ski slopes and modern, well-equipped ski schools with their children. The main ski destinations are: Monte Baldo, Altopiano Brentonico, Polsa and San Valentino.

For those who love adventure, the experience of Nordic Walking on Lake Garda is a must, thanks to its nature trails, such as routes in mountainous areas, hills, along the lake or through historic villages.

Local products

Thanks to its diversified landscape Salò is able to offer various local products: from the Portola variety of its strawberries to the typical dandelion and acacia marmalade and the Tassoni cedrata.

Salò also has a strong production of wines with important denominations such as Garda DOC, Valtenesi DOC, Benaco Bresciano IGT and Garda Bresciano DOC.

Finally, you can enjoy good food by booking a table in one of the town’s restaurants, such as risotto alla zucca, brasato, supa de can and spaghetti ai tre formaggi.


Salò's cuisine


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