Electric bike rental at Campeggio delle Rose

A new service at Campeggio delle Rose – Electric bike rental

electric bike rental in moniga del garda

In Europe, Italy confirms itself  to be on the cutting edge when it comes to lead a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Thanks to the spread of cycle tourism, electric bikes rentals have become the new trend now, registering a true increase in sales. These vehicles are indeed very comfortable and maneuverable, allowing to all those people who have particular needs to bring a little more variety to their stay. And all this with complete respect of the environment.

Exclusively for this reason, Campeggio delle Rose is offering from now a new service, showing its progress form the pandemic. For all nature lovers, the Camping on lake’s shores is opening an electric bike rental. Therefore, it will be easier for everyone to have access to the unique landscapes that surround Italy’s biggest lake. An interesting and innovative idea, that gives a new chance to people of all ages, also thanks to the pedal-assisted drive of these bicycles.

electric bike rental csmpeggio delle rose

electric bike rental lake garda

And all of this, knowing that at the and of the trip you will have one of the fantastic accomodations and services that Campeggio delle Rose offers for you. Everything is available until the end of October, with options that include:

The cycle tourism and the pedal-assisted rise

bike rental on lake garda

Cycle tourism is by definition “tourism practiced driving by a bicycle”. But actually, cycle tourism is something more than that: it is a way to get closer to people and places, but on a deeper level.

The main features that cracterize this new proposal of tourism are two: the first one is related to the speed of movement, while the second one to the destination of the trip. As far as the speed of travel is concerned, cycling tourism proposes, unlike conventional means of transport, a speed at a human scale; it is therefore slow but, above all, sustainable. This allows to enjoy a direct relationship with the environmnet without damaging it. For this reason, many touristic organizations are preparing themselves to offer an electric bike rental.

As a direct consequence, in the case of cycle tourism, one cannot talk anymore about a way of travelling that sums “moving” to somewhere and “staying” in a specific place, but we could say that both staying and moving are part of one thing: as a matter of fact, it allows to live a deeper experience through your routes. Not only will you appreciate all the landscapes and cultural background of the places you are visiting, but you will also have the chance to truly connect with all the environment, wether it be natural or urban. The character of absolute originality of the cycling proposal is therefore that it replaces the traditional “tourist destination”  with the “route”: the very fact of moving through a territory, observing and knowing it, staying in a more or less programmed way for refreshment, visit or overnight, is the heart and essence of the tourist proposal.

Cycle tourism in Italy

According to the Tourism National Agency (ENIT), many tourist facilities are are equipping themselves more and more appropriately due to cycle tourists’ growing demand.

In particular, Italian and foreign cyclistss who choose to spend their holidays on a bike in Italy, tend to choose the northern regions. This because they offer many kilometers of quality bike routes and many additional services.                                                                                                  According to data, 61% of tourists is foreigner and 39% is Italian. This shows how this type of activity is appreciated also in dolce vita’s country.

Among all the available data, it emerges that in the regions of northern Italy there is a particular influx of cyclists not only in the summer months (as you might expect) but also in those immediately preceding and following (March and April, September and October).

The best bike routes from Moniga del Garda

bike trip on lake garda, moniga del garda

In the surroundings of Moniga del Garda, where you can enjoy incredible landscapes and medieval  villages with a unique atmosphere, taking a bike ride is one of the best options. The area is indeed rich in bike paths that you can explore with your bike, ranging from the shorter and simpler ones to the longer ones, suitable for more adventurous cyclists.

Here are some of the routes reccomended by the hiking website Komoot

Don’t miss autumn to spend a holiday in Moniga del Garda

lake garda in autumn, campeggio delle rose in moniga del garda

For an unforgettable vacation on Lake Garda, Campeggio delle Rose, offers the possibility to stay at their facilities until the end of october.


For all those who want to visit Lake Garda’s shores with complete sustainability and inmersed in the beauty of autumn colors!

Choose your stay at Campeggio delle Rose among the various options and book now your bungalow if you don’t want to miss this opportunity. 

bike rental in moniga del garda