Weekend on Lake Garda

Lake Garda-Weekend on Lake Garda

If you are looking for a weekend where to discover the activities that Lake Garda can offer, you are in the right place!

North of Verona, Lake Garda is the most suitable for families and water sports among the Italian lakes. It is also the largest lake in Italy, extending from the alpine mountains to the northern edge of the Pianura Padana

The southern shore is lined with beaches and backed by low hills, while to the north, mountains and cliffs overlooking the lake, especially along the western shore. Its terrain offers Lake Garda a wide variety of attractions for sports-loving tourists, from constant winds for sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing and also mountains for climbing, abseiling and mountain biking, all overlooking the lake.

At the same time, its location gives Lake Garda a year-round temperate climate where olives and lemons grow well. Furthermore we can find several well fortified castles, Roman remains and sites of interest for fans of the Second World War. Add long sandy beaches and a little bit of town with lakeside walks and cafes surrounding the postcard marinas, whose sole purpose seems to be the dolce vita, and Lake Garda truly has something for everyone. You could easily spend a weekend at Lake Garda without having to find yourself in the situation of not knowing how to occupy the time.

You could easily spend a weekend at Lake Garda without having to find yourself in the situation of not knowing how to occupy the time.

Weekend on Lake Garda: what to visit?

Thanks to the countless number of localities on the Garda lakefront, it is possible to visit numerous characteristic towns of the place, among the best known, we find: Sirmione, Desenzano del Garda, Malcesine, Riva del Garda.

Weekend on Lake Garda: SIRMIONE

Sirmione-Weekend on Lake Garda

The picturesque town of Sirmione is located at the end of a long promontory that juts out into Lake Garda from its southern shore.

It’s hard to find a more charming entrance to a city: across  a bridge on a drawbridge and into the courtyard of a castle that looks like it was built for a movie set. The fortress surrounded by water was built in the 12th century by the Scaligeri, the ruling family of Verona, as part of their defensive network against Milan and was subsequently maintained by the Venetian Empire.

Visit its restored interiors and climb the tower for a panoramic view of lake Garda and the city. Before the Scaligeri, the Romans came here to bath in the sulfur springs, which today are the basis of a luxurious spa.

Expect crowds in elegant Sirmione on weekends, filling its expensive boutiques and cafes.

Weekend on Lake Garda: DESENZANO DEL GARDA

Desenzano del Garda-Weekend on Lake Garda If you arrive at Lake Garda by train or from the A4 motorway, Desenzano del Garda is the place where you will probably see Italy’s largest lake for the first time.

Just west of Sirmione, it is a lively village centered on a basin of the tourist port and on the piers from which steamboats and hydrofoils leave for the towns around Lake Garda.

There isn’t much left of the castle that once crowned its hill, but Villa Romana, a Roman villa, has been excavated near the historic center and features impressive mosaics. The parish church preserves a painting by Tiepolo.

With numerous bars and restaurants and convenient boat connections, Desenzano is a great base for exploring the lake. Most of the best beaches on Lake Garda are found along this southern shore.

Weekend on Lake Garda: MALCESINE

Malcesine-Weekend on Lake Garda

Malcesine is a well-known tourist resort on the Veronese side of the upper Lake Garda. At its top, a 13th-century castle, a Scaliger Castle, stands on a cliff, whose ramparts fall directly onto the lake below.

The views are, of course, superb, as the opposite shore of Lake Garda is even steeper and in this northern segment the mountains rise on all sides. It is possible to visit the castle and the museum inside.

Narrow alleys lead up to the castle through a jumble of medieval stone buildings and small squares. Inevitably, a city this perfect image will have its share of temptations for tourists, making it a pleasant stopping place for strolling, dining and browsing the artists’ studios.

On the uphill side of the main road, where there is also a convenient place to park while visiting Malcesine, a revolving cable car takes you even higher to views and trails along the scenic ridge of Monte Baldo.

Weekend on Lake Garda: RIVA DEL GARDA

Riva del Garda-Weekend on Lake Garda

At the northern end of Lake Garda, Riva del Garda is located between the mountains and the water, a pleasant combination of ancient medieval streets and sunny parks and seaside promenades.

Hovering above the historic center on the precipitous Rocchetta is a Venetian watchtower, and below, in the porticoed square of the port, there is a massive clock tower.

To the east, on the lake shore, stands the ancient Rocca del Riva, yet another Scaligeri castle, built between the 12th and 15th centuries. Inside is the excellent Civic Museum, with prehistoric and later finds, well exhibited and interpreted.

The beach of nearby Torbole is best known as one of the best spots for windsurfing and kitesurfing due to the constant winds, which also make the northern part of Lake Garda a favorite for sailing. Lessons and rentals for both sports are available here.




Weekend on Lake Garda: Sport, nature and adventure.

On Lake Garda, sport, nature and adventure blend perfectly: with family or friends, as a couple or alone, finding the right offer is easy.

Lake Garda is an ideal place for water sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing and canoeing, but also for motorboat trips, fishing and swimming.

The wonderful landscape invites to have a bike trip and mountain tours, horse riding, tennis, climbing, paragliding and golf. Nature lovers can take long walks in the surrounding mountains. Some areas of Lake Garda are perfectly connected with lakeside walks and cycle paths.

A relaxing excursion leads from Desenzano to Peschiera on the cycle path and then leads to Lazise along the lakefront. The round trip from Desenzano to Lazise takes about 60 km!

On Monte Baldo you can find numerous cycling and downhill routes. The ski lift starts from Malcesine. The cross-country cycle path leads from Brenzone del Garda to Campo, then to the Boccino Church, Castello, and then back to Sommavilla and Assenza.

For the fun and thrill of the whole family it is possible to visit the surrounding natural parks and amusement parks. An example Gardaland has always been one of the most beautiful theme parks in Italy.


Weekend on Lake Garda: where to stay?

Spend the weekend on Lake Garda at the Camping delle Rose in Moniga del Garda!

Here you will find bungalows, superior lakefront suites and mobile homes to suit your needs.

Campeggio delle Rose- Bungalow

Inside the Campeggio delle Rose there is a salt water swimming pool for adults and children.The pool has a relaxation area with wi-fi as well as a whirlpool equipped with comfortable sun beds. Not to forget that our structure is a few meters from Lake Garda.

Campeggio delle Rose-swimming pool

To consult our special offers and availability do not hesitate to contact us. Many offers to spend a weekend on Lake Garda in total relaxation or with the many activities present.

The birth of tourism on Lake Garda

Lake Garda: theater of historical battles and important influences cultural

Lake Garda, also called Benarco (dating back to Roman times, the original name of the body of water) following the settlement of the Romans between the 2nd and 1st centuries BC. it is the protagonist of the influence of the Lombard culture.

The thirteenth century saw the affirmation of the Lords of Verona, the Scaligeri, who built numerous castles. Their place was then taken by the Visconti and the Republic of Venice, which came to govern the whole lake with the exception of Riva del Garda.

Lake Garda was the scene of several important battles and it was during the Second World War that Salò returned to be historically important when in October 1943 Mussolini proclaimed it the capital of the newly formed Social Republic of Salò.

Tourism on Lake Garda

Starting after the Second World War, the explosion of mass tourism has transformed Lake Garda into one of the main Italian tourist destinations, which receives over 24 million visitors a year. The place where memorable battles took place gave space to natural and water parks that offer fun for all ages. In addition to castles and historical monuments, attractions have been added to spend pleasant nights in this magical atmosphere, between the lights on the lake and the fireworks of summer nights.

Origins of tourism on Lake Garda

Tourism on Lake Garda dates back to Roman times, in particular from the early imperial age, an age in which magnificent villas were conceived on the shores of the lake as places dedicated to otium (an activity reserved for the ruling classes) and leisure.

A place of particular importance both in the imperial age and today is Sirmione, a privileged place for the presence of sulphurous springs which allows it to be used as a spa. Another indicator of elite tourism is certainly the construction of castles and noble villas during the Renaissance.

The beginning of “modern” tourism on Lake Garda dates back to the late nineteenth century in the north-western area of ​​the lake. Luigi Wimmer, an Italian engineer and patriot of German origin, as well as the mayor of Gardone Riviera, began the construction of a small hotel completed by his wife after her death. Over time, this hotel, with its various extensions, became one of the buildings that today constitutes the famous Grand Hotel Gardone Riviera.

turism on Lake Garda - garand hotel gardone riviera

The tourism on the Veronese shore of the lake, on the other hand, came much later, in the 1930s, when the current Garda road was built. With the increase in the influx of tourists, it was decided to build pedestrian walkways along the shores of the lake, for which it was necessary to demolish the houses that directly overlooked its waters.

Changes and diversity: tourism on Lake Garda

After the end of the Second World War, tourism on Lake Garda underwent a change over the years: classic tourism, characterized by medium / long stays, alternated with the so-called short tourism, characterized by stays of a few days or even in the space of a single day.

Thanks to this change, the number of tourists has expanded, some of whom often come from all parts of Europe, infact, it is possible to have the opportunity to meet, in addition to Italians, French, Swiss, Germans or Dutch.

The diversity lies as much in the origin of the tourists as in the services that are offered. One type of tourism that has seen strong growth has been health & wellness. The presence of thermal waters, such as those of Sirmione, has intrigued more and more people motivated by the various benefits that can be drawn from them.

In 1948 there was the opening of the first Treatment Center for Rhinogenic Deafness in Italy in the Società Terme e Grandi Alberghi in Sirmione.

turismo sul lago di garda - sirmione

Lake Garda and its surroundings constitute a context rich in multifaceted environments and modern infrastructures that allow you to enjoy both its beaches and its hinterland.

Another attraction for tourists are the many sports that can be practiced: from hiking in the mountains to fishing, from golf to rowing and much more.

The hinterland of the lake offers the possibility of mountain biking or trekking and long excursions in the mountains. Find various itineraries and information that may be useful to you at the link regarding trekking on Lake Garda.

Tourism on Lake Garda: Theme parks

Furthermore, again in the second half of the twentieth century, a real entertainment industry was formed along Lake Garda and in its immediate vicinity: numerous parks today collectively known as the Garda Parks.

The most important of these are:

Gardaland, a theme park with numerous tourist attractions, an accommodation facility and a spectacular aquarium,

Canevaworld, has two different parks, one themed on the world of cinema and a water park

Parco Natura Viva, a wildlife park that gives the opportunity to admire various endangered species that the park treats and then reinserts in the wild;

Sigurtà garden park, a 60 hectare green oasis along the Mincio river.

What more could you want from the relaxation area of ​​Campeggio delle Rose after an intense day of windsurfing or trekking?

To make you the protagonists of these experiences, the Campeggio delle Rose channels you into days of total relaxation among the beaches or comfortable salt water pools surrounded by greenery.

Directly overlooking the lake, the structure has a pier and a boat slide which are particularly helpful for practicing sports.

A salt water swimming pool and a comfortable and regenerating whirlpool is ideal to crown a day of well-being. The lake is, in fact, perfect especially for windsurfing, as well as for fishing and diving enthusiasts.

Camping delle Rose: Bungalows and mobile homes

The Campeggio delle Rose offers, in addition to the services mentioned above, various accommodation options. The campsite has various types of bungalows on Lake Garda, all equipped with one or more comfortable double bedrooms but also exclusive lodges overlooking Lake Garda, perfect for relaxing while admiring an unprecedented view thanks to an outdoor veranda.

The property offers pitches for true camping lovers. In addition, children up to 3 years do not pay! Here you will find all the information you need on the various types of accommodation.

If you already know all the excluded services, check the availability of Campeggio delle Rose for an unforgettable experience welcomed by the friendly and professional staff.


Summer 2021 on Lake Garda

Summer 2021 on Lake Garda

Summer is coming! For the summer, many tourists flock to the shores of Lake Garda every year, where art, culture and numerous events are framed in breathtaking landscapes and small villages. Here are some ideas for your unforgettable summer experience here at Lake Garda!

The Lake

Lake Garda, also called Benaco, is the largest lake in Italy and is located between the regions of Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige. Surrounded by 25 villages and 5 islets, it hosts countless monuments, squares, gardens and fortresses that offer an overview of its history and why the lake has become the home of famous writers and painters over the years. Another point in favor is the climate that characterizes it; hot summers, sometimes hot but pleasant days and excellent for taking a dip and staying on the beach, and mild winters with little rain. The climate, moreover, favors the presence of local and genuine products known worldwide and appreciated by all, including olives, lemons, wines and truffles

View of Lake Garda

Countries and villages not to be missed

Countries and villages not to be missed. Based on their position, the towns of Lake Garda are divided into three geographical areas. They take their name from the region they belong to and are so called:

Among the most infamous we undoubtedly find: Sirmione, Desenzano and Peschiera. Countries rich in beauty, history, activities and events throughout the year and finally with many beaches, lidos where the water is crystal clear. The following villages are undoubtedly noteworthy:

  • Limone sul Garda: a town that extends along the high rocky walls north of Lake Garda and is the northernmost place in Italy where citrus crops can be found. Once the economy of this locality was based on fishing and the cultivation of olive groves and lemons. Even today there are traces of this agricultural past, in the pillars and walls of the lemon houses, the characteristic gardens where lemons are grown, and in the characteristic fishing port. A magnificent village that smells of tradition and Italy!
  • Salò: historically known for being the capital of the Italian Social Republic. Today it is characterized by the presence of buildings of great historical and artistic value, the suggestive and romantic lakefront with various beaches, and by breathtaking landscapes enriched with shops and clubs in a modern key.

  • Gardone Riviera: a few steps from the beautiful Salò, you are in this elegant village that welcomes visitors with the Grand Hotel, built in 1884, which stands out at the beginning of the lakeside promenade. by Gabriele D’Annunzio, the Vittoriale degli Italiani with immense gardens, palaces and the adjoining house museum of the artist. Also not to be missed are the fabulous botanical gardens of the André Heller Foundation, where you seem to travel between continents in the blink of an eye.


Lake Garda Painting

Summer on Lake Garda: where to swim on Lake Garda

We are not talking about the sea but as for beaches and crystal clear waters, Lake Garda does not miss anything. Here are some of the most beautiful beaches of Lake Garda:

  • Pisenze beach – Manerba: located between the Isola dei Conigli (or Isola di San Biagio) and the Rocca di Manerba, it offers blue water in which the emerald green of the surrounding nature is reflected. From the beach you can reach the island of San Biagio with a walk, starting from Punta Belvedere.


  • Baia biancaManerba (BS): characterized by white and very fine sand imported directly from the Caribbean!


  • Jamaica BeachSirmione: at the extreme northern tip of the peninsula on which Sirmione is located, exactly under the famous Grotte di Catullo, is Jamaica Beach, a free beach, characterized by crystal clear water, thanks to the presence of slabs of rock that rise above the backdrop.


  • Romantic BeachMoniga: the largest and most famous in Moniga del Garda. beautiful and preferred by tourists in all seasons as it is exposed to the east and kissed by the sun throughout the day. Do not miss the romantic lakeside promenade, which offers contrasts between the blue of Lake Garda, the green of nature and the colors of the sunset.


Summer holidays 2021 on Lake Garda in safety at the Camping delle Rose

Campeggio delle Rose

Staying on the shore with a lake view and surrounded by nature? Campeggio delle Rose is everything you are looking for for your summer on Lake Garda.

The Campeggio delle Rose, located 1 km from the town of Moniga del Garda, directly overlooks the lake and covers an area of ​​30,000 square meters.

The property has a beach, pier, boat slip, reception, bar, restaurant with pizzeria, as well as a relaxation area with wi-fi, salt water swimming pool and whirlpool.

Guests, welcomed by the friendly and professional staff of Campeggio delle Rose, can choose between various types of holidays: the choice ranges from Mobile Homes facing Lake Garda to Chalets and Bungalows, as well as pitches for tents and caravans.

Strictly following the government directives, Campeggio delle Rose is able to offer its customers maximum safety for its guests. The various accommodations available in fact guarantee the necessary privacy to be able to enjoy a holiday in serenity a stone’s throw from the shores of Lake Garda.

Lulled by the Garda breeze and reassured by the surrounding mountains, you can choose the most suitable accommodation for a safe summer holiday. Consult the website of the Campeggio delle Rose in Moniga del Garda for more information on the different accommodation solutions.


Campeggio delle Rose Moniga