Salò on Lake Garda: historical and beautiful city

Salò on Lake Garda: historical and beautiful city. You can visit Museum, Churches and to walk on the lakeside.

The Lake Garda is surrounded by many beautiful and rich city. In particular, Salò on Lake Garda is part of Lemon Coast because it’s located on the west coast. This city is a turistic place, thanks to moderate climate and its particulary vegetation.

Salò is known for its history: it was the de facto capital of Italian Social Republic of Benito Mussolini (also known as the Republic of Salò), during the Second World War.

You can visit Salò on Lake Garda and spend the night to the Camping delle Rose.

Salò on Lake Garda







Salò on Lake Garda: What to see

Salò is a jewel of Lake Garda, so you should visit it slowly, because every detail makes this city unique. There are a lot of Structures, Churchs and Palaces that are full of history. So, what can you visit?

  • The Duomo Santa Maria Annunziata is the most important religion monument of the city: this beautiful Church has a Renaissance gate but the facade is unfinished. Into the structure, there are many artworks of Guglielmo Veneziano, Zenon, Veronese and Veneziano.
  • On the lake shore there is the Palace of the Podestàin the past it was home to the Council of the Magnifcent Homeland, but now it is home of the Municipal. A part of this building it was rebuild because in 1901 a earthquake damaged some areas of city, included the Palace.
  • The Palace Fantoni is of the fourtheenth century and inside has the Library of University of Salò. This library has volumes of the twenthiet century, there are: codexs, incunabolas and documents of Magnificent Homeland. In the Palace there is the Historical Museum and the Military Museum of Nastro Azzuro, that it has documents from Napoleonic era and from the Resistance.

Salò on Lake Garda: What to do

Salò is most visited from international tourist. This city offers boat ride to locals characteristic and a long beach where is possible swim. From Salò you can also make beautiful walks by walking or bicycle, track and paths.

The lakeshore leads to the square of Vittoria where you can admire the palace of the Magnificent Homeland of Jacopo Sansovino. On the lakeside there are 20 placards that tells the history and origin about the name of the city quarter. This aspect is most fascinanting and a very special way to know Salò, thanks to breath-taking view of Lake Garda. Also, across the lake, there are many cafes and restaurants. 

Near Salò, thSalò on lake gardaere are many beautiful cities all to be seen. In Gardone, for example, you can visit the Vittoriale degli Italiani, Gabriele d’Annunzio’s home, and the Hruska botanical garden.

Another city is Moniga del Garda in the southern of Lake Garda. Moniga del Garda produced Chiaretto wine (rose wine), reason why it is also called Chiaretto city. In this city you can spend the night to the Camping delle Rose that is in front of the Lake.


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