Verona, an artistic city to discover

Verona, the city that handed down history, art, culture and held them together through time with so much love …

Is unavoidable starting up with Shakespeare, that had chosen Verona as city setting for his exellent opera of love “Romeo e Giulietta”. Charm, beauty and nature to be discovered in this city that should be visited at least once in a lifetime.

Obviously, we’ll show you why:

Let’s start walking through the historic center of Verona. During the walking you con see traces of the past from Roman time until Napoleon, expressed in architectural  and artistic operas that can be seen in museums. Going through two big gates you’ll find yourself at Piazza Bra where you can discover important buildings and the symbol of Verona, the roman amphitheater “Arena”. Arena has been builded at the beginning of I sec A.D, today it offers several shows for her visitors and emotions you’ll never forget .

In Verona is situated one of the oldest pubblic museums of Europe,Lapidario Maffeiano museum. In it you can see secular inscriptions and reliefs of great value. A few steps away from the center you’ll find Castelvecchio, a magnific medieval building. Inside the castle you’ll admire one of the most important museums of italian art. Further, numerous old buildings like Palazzo della Gran Guardia or Palazzo Barbieri, squares, monuments and statues builded to honour personalities that has contributed in the history of the country are all to be discovered.

Shakespeare’s passionated can visit Romeo’s house and Juliet’s house. The Roman Theater and the Archaeological Museum, the oldest of the city, can still make you dream thanks to the theatrical summer performances. You can also take a look at the medieval castles builded for defense because of continue invasions  and disputed territories happened because of the strategic position of some areas of the province.

Verona, not just art

Thanks to the environmental heritage even nature and sport fit perfectly. Walking through oases, caves and parks, is possible to be regenerated. Here are some of many which you can visit: Regional Nature Park Lessinia, Park of Adige Sud/Nord, Oasis Torricelle e Vajo Galina, Botanic Garden Monte Baldo.

Is not to be forgotten the healthy air of Lake Garda and the genuine products of his land that are such a gift for the physical and mental health. The breeze, rich in iodine and minerals  acts on the nervous system and leads to a natural relax as it was a medicine.

For water sports enthusiasts there’s plenty to do, from diving on the deep and clear waters of Lake, sailing and windsurfing in the wonderful  setting of Lake Garda, to the canoe, kayak and rafting on the river Adige. An event not to be missed is definitely the Bisse League “Bandiera del Lago”, symbol of tradition and folklore. All riparian countries are involved because it represents a part of history and tradition.

 Do you want to fully enjoy the nature and being outdoors?

You can get a map from Tourist offices and start cycling. The most adventurous souls who want to discover new itineraries can use the provincial bus line ATV, loading on the bus the own bike. Those who have a passion for golf can live a great experience playing on the lawns of the hills of Garda while enjoying the splendor of the Lake.

If you are looking for an adrenaline rush you will have the opportunity to fly high and enjoy the entertainment from the sky with the hang gliding. Veronese Skydiving School will help you to make this dream come true. Another experience not to be missed for the scenery and nature is to make a ride on a horse in the hills of Valpolicella or on the banks of the Adige River. There are several riding schools offering hiking and trekking in the Baldo woods, the Mincio River and morainic hills.

Insured fun for young and old

Pure fun, from roller coaster to swimming pools, from archeology to the animals, here are some places to visit: Gardaland, Cavour Aquatic Park, Parco Natura Viva, Movieland Park, Pico Verde Aquatic Park, Ancient Terme di Giunone.

An attraction for both tourists and residents is the Malcesine-Montebaldo cable car, which offers views of Lake Garda and the surrounding mountains. There are also many sun-kissed beaches which are refreshed by the lake’s waters. 

The rooted traditions of Verona and the goodness of genuine products of the land

Favorable weather, fertile land, richness of raw materials and the secular devotion of its people to the territory are the secret of the fertility of the lands of the Province of Verona. Recipes that are handed down from generation to generation have led to the creation of beautiful dishes for all tastes.

Rich in folklore, handicrafts and typical products Verona gives you the choice.

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