Salò on Lake Garda: historical and beautiful city

Salò on Lake Garda: historical and beautiful city. You can visit Museum, Churches and to walk on the lakeside.

The Lake Garda is surrounded by many beautiful and rich city. In particular, Salò on Lake Garda is part of Lemon Coast because it’s located on the west coast. This city is a turistic place, thanks to moderate climate and its particulary vegetation.

Salò is known for its history: it was the de facto capital of Italian Social Republic of Benito Mussolini (also known as the Republic of Salò), during the Second World War.

You can visit Salò on Lake Garda and spend the night to the Camping delle Rose.

Salò on Lake Garda







Salò on Lake Garda: What to see

Salò is a jewel of Lake Garda, so you should visit it slowly, because every detail makes this city unique. There are a lot of Structures, Churchs and Palaces that are full of history. So, what can you visit?

  • The Duomo Santa Maria Annunziata is the most important religion monument of the city: this beautiful Church has a Renaissance gate but the facade is unfinished. Into the structure, there are many artworks of Guglielmo Veneziano, Zenon, Veronese and Veneziano.
  • On the lake shore there is the Palace of the Podestàin the past it was home to the Council of the Magnifcent Homeland, but now it is home of the Municipal. A part of this building it was rebuild because in 1901 a earthquake damaged some areas of city, included the Palace.
  • The Palace Fantoni is of the fourtheenth century and inside has the Library of University of Salò. This library has volumes of the twenthiet century, there are: codexs, incunabolas and documents of Magnificent Homeland. In the Palace there is the Historical Museum and the Military Museum of Nastro Azzuro, that it has documents from Napoleonic era and from the Resistance.

Salò on Lake Garda: What to do

Salò is most visited from international tourist. This city offers boat ride to locals characteristic and a long beach where is possible swim. From Salò you can also make beautiful walks by walking or bicycle, track and paths.

The lakeshore leads to the square of Vittoria where you can admire the palace of the Magnificent Homeland of Jacopo Sansovino. On the lakeside there are 20 placards that tells the history and origin about the name of the city quarter. This aspect is most fascinanting and a very special way to know Salò, thanks to breath-taking view of Lake Garda. Also, across the lake, there are many cafes and restaurants. 

Near Salò, thSalò on lake gardaere are many beautiful cities all to be seen. In Gardone, for example, you can visit the Vittoriale degli Italiani, Gabriele d’Annunzio’s home, and the Hruska botanical garden.

Another city is Moniga del Garda in the southern of Lake Garda. Moniga del Garda produced Chiaretto wine (rose wine), reason why it is also called Chiaretto city. In this city you can spend the night to the Camping delle Rose that is in front of the Lake.


Where to spend the night: The Camping delle Rose

The Camping delle Rose offers differents Mobile Homes, Chalet, Bungalows and pitches which you can spend the night.

The Camping delle Rose offers a different prices in different periods of the year and also, it offers free access to the following facilities: saltwater swimming pool, broadband Wi-Fi, restaurant and pizzeria with bar, and a wonderful beach.

You book on website Camping delle Rose and you will get a discount on the list price for this season.

Wine tasting on Lake Garda: June gets pink painted

Wine tasting in Moniga del Garda. In June Lake Garda gets pink painted celebrating the 10 years anniversary of rosè wine tasting from all over Italy.

Every year the cities around Lake Garda propose wine tasting events: from Chiaretto to Bardolino, from Valpolicella to Amarone, Lugana and Recioto. All these wines are part of  Italian’s enological excellence. Spring and summer are the best seasons to taste Italian specialties and to enjoy the beautiful view that this area offers.

From 2nd to 4th of June there is the “Italia in Rosa” tenth anniversary event of wine-tasting and the city of Moniga del Garda is the main player.

Moniga del Garda, also known as the “City of Chiaretto”, is well known for the excellent cousine and the Chiaretto wine. This city is also considered for the good wine and food, as well as for the exhibitions and the events like the renowned “Italia in Rosa”.

The event “Italia in Rosa”

wine tastingItalia in Rosa is an annual event concerning a wine tasting experience of Chiaretto and Rosè. This festival involves not only the locals but also many wine-lovers from all over Italy. In the last edition were registered more than 6500 attendees. This event is the first and one of the most important festival dedicated to Rosè wines and takes place in the old Castle of Moniga del Garda (XIV Century).

For the occasion, the Lake Garda gets pink painted with more than 100 Rosè wines from all over Italy. The wine-producing companies participating at the event will be present in different geographical areas, so visitors can do a complete tour in the Italian’s enology. Some of these geographical areas will include Vignaioli Veneti, Trentino Alto-AdigeTuscany, Puglia, Sicilia and Sardegna.

The main national wine-producing companies will offer a full taste itinerary. And, such as in the past editions, this year there will be French wines, in particular from Provence.

During the event there will be the possibility to taste more than hundred Rosè wines paying a ticket of 10 Euros. In addiction, for three days from 5 pm to 11.30 pm, you will have the possibility to combine wines and typical dishes.

To fully enjoy this festival, at the distance of only 1 km there is our Camping delle Rose, where it is possible to spend the night.

wine tasting-lake Garda

Superior Mobile-homes, Chalet and Bungalows

Our Camping delle Rose offers Superior Mobile-homes, Chalet and Bungalow in the heart of Moniga del Garda. These accommodations are suitable for every kind of need.

The Camping delle Rose directly faces the Lake Garda and please its guests with relax and an enjoyable stay. Addictionally, the Camping offers a salt water pool for kids and adults: this area is also equipped with a relax area and a Jacuzzi.

If you want to benefit from a discount off list price you can directly book your vacation on Lake Garda from our website.

If you are not familiar with the area near Lake Garda, you can be guided by the Crippa NCC transfer service, which offers the possibility of organizing a wine tour. Their highly professional services include the possibility of organizing wine tours, for individuals as well as for groups, in the most characteristic locations of the Lake Garda area.

Unforgettable Spring Holiday on Lake Garda

Work is stressing you? Are you looking for a place where you can relax and take a break? Then we suggest you to spend your spring holiday on Lake Garda at Camping delle Rose in Moniga del Garda! 

In the previous articles we have already suggested our guests with many sport activities and events the Lake Garda can offer during autumn and winter. Now let’s discover what makes Lake Garda an ideal destination to spend your holiday in the springtime.

During your spring holiday you will find the perfect mix between sport, delicious and healthy food, and body care. Moreover you will have the opportunity to discover and visit natural beauties and the historical sites of Lake Garda.

A Spring Holiday on Lake Garda, paradise of sport

If you love sports, Lake Garda is the right place for you! In addition to this, spring is the best moment of the year in which you can practise your favourite physical activity, thanks to the mild climate and to the sunny and longer days. There are many routes dedicated to trekking and mountain bikePonale Running will take place on 25th of April, a running event along a route that offers breathtaking views. For those who love water and wind there is the possibility to go sailing and windsurfing. Lake Garda is also well known for diving. If you want to live an experience full of adrenaline, you can practise rock climbing, near the village of Arco, or paragliding.

spring holiday on lake garda running

A Spring Holiday on Lake Garda, a nice place to relax

Lake Garda is the ideal place to recover your psychological balance and rediscover physical energy, beauty and inner harmony. Villa dei Cedri is a thermal park located in Colà di Lazise. Here you will have the opportunity to take a bath in two lakes of thermal water, immersed in wide lawns and secular trees.

spring holiday on lake garda thermal park

A Spring Holiday on Lake Garda, home of good food

Lake Garda, stuck between the Alps and the Po Valley, has very specific characteristics that you can’t find anywhere else in Italy. This especially affects the typical local cuisine and products. In addition to the possibility of tasting the delicious lake fish, Garda area is also known for its extra virgin olive oil and its citrus fruits. The can’t-miss typical dish of Lake Garda is the trout fillet with citrus fruits. Moreover, for wine lovers, there are many routes between the vineyards.

spring holiday on lake garda vineyards route

A Spring Holiday on Lake Garda surrounded by beauty

If you love art and history, Lake Garda gives you a fascinating travel back in time. The region is full of medieval village protected by walls and towers, venetian and veronese castles. In Gargnano there is the amazing “Villa Bettoni“, one of the most beautiful buildings of the lake, constructed at the end of  17th century. The Vittoriale degli Italiani  is the citadel in Gardone Riviera, where Gabriele D’Annunzio arrived in 1921. It is an extraordinary set of buildings, streets, squares, theatres, gardens, parks and watercourses.

spring holiday on lake garda at vittoriale

It is also imperative to visit the remains of a Roman villa called “Grotte di Catullo” in Sirmione. There is also an Archaeological Museum inside the park since 1999.

spring holiday on lake garda sirmione

If you are planning your spring holiday on Lake Garda, the Camping delle Rose in Moniga del Garda could be the right place for you. Here is a list of all the accomodations we offer:

At our Camping delle Rose in Moniga del Garda you can find bungalowsuite superior with lake view and mobile homes perfect to fit your needs.

spring holiday on lake garda suite

Camping delle Rose is equipped with a salt water swimming pool for adults and children. There is also a relax area and Jacuzzi.

spring holiday on lake garda swimming pool

Discover our special offers for an unforgettable Spring holiday on Lake Garda. Contact us to check for availability and book your accomodation.

So if you wanna stay at Campeggio delle Rose and also want to visit these wonderful places, request the Crippa NCC Lake Garda transfer service. You can reach the main attractions of the area with the utmost comfort, through a professional service that can take you from the major airports (Verona, Bergamo, Linate, Malpensa, Venice) to the area of Lake Garda.

Easter 2017 on Lake Garda

Days are lengthening, the sun starts to warm our faces and we can smell a scent of spring in the air. What better time to spend Easter 2017 on Lake Garda?

Maybe it’s still early but it’s better to prepare in advance if you want to spend mid-April weekend enjoying the beauty of Lake Garda. For this opportunity Camping delle Rose in Moniga del Garda suggests you an inviting offer to spend your holidays benefiting from a spring landscape view.

What to do in Easter 2017 on Lake Garda?

Like every year Lake Garda coast follows its traditions, giving you days rich of adventures, wellness and breathtaking sunsets for the more romantics. You can discover all the small villages that shine by themselves, making Garda one of the most beautiful lakes of Italy. Moreover you can choose your own entertainment, diving into several activities suitable both for adults and little ones.

For this occasion, Gardaland theme park will be open from April 8th with promotions for families and special offers to enjoy all the rides provided. The sportsmen can commit themselves to the most suitable activities for this season, like Mountain Biking, Hiking, Trek, Sailing, Windsurfing and many others. If you prefer tourist holidays, you can choose between many cities with lovely atmosphere. Above all, you can visit Sirmione, where you can find the famous Grotte di Catullo and the Scaliger Castle, historical heritage which must be discovered and admired. So what better time to forget about the stress and the wintry grayness?

You can reach the Gardaland Theme Park, the Grotte di Catullo or the Scaligero Castle in a convenient and safe way thanks to the Crippa NCC Lake Garda transfer service.

grotte di catullo - easter 2017 on lake garda

A special offer to spend Easter 2017 on Lake Garda

Who has never wanted to wake up to the beautiful view of the lake, maybe drinking a good coffee? Camping delle Rose in Moniga del Garda can give you this unique experience applying a discount on all the available accommodations, in order to offer you a special escape from the city with a breath-taking panorama.

easter 2017 on lake garda

The accommodations proposed by Camping delle Rose in Moniga del Garda can satisfy everyone’s needs:

  • Suite superior Mobile-Home with lake view is perfect for those who love to travel without giving up on the best comforts
  • Confort model Mobile-Home is smaller than the Suite Superior but with the same services and lake view

  • Mobile-Homes are meant to be a more domestic structure fit for everyday’s needs

  • Wooden Chalet is a special little shelter surrounded by green, for the lovers of nature and simplicity

  • Bungalows located in the pine forest are perfect for spend all day outdoor.

Camping delle Rose in Moniga del Garda offers also Pitches for those who want to move with caravans.

The Camping is only 1 km far from the city centre of Moniga del Garda, which is renowned for excellent cooking and Chiaretto wine and presents a lot of food and wine fairs every year in springtime.

Book now to benefit from this special offer and spend your Easter 2017 on Lake Garda!

Activities and events to discover Lake Garda in winter

An escape for a few days at the lake is ideal to unwind and recover from the pre-Christmas stress and bustle of the holidays. Let’s discover together the magic of Lake Garda in winter.

Christmas holidays have just ended. Every year the festive days seem too few to rest and recharge your batteries. And maybe the family meals and the races for last-minute gifts have left us more tired and burdened than before. Maybe we were able to enjoy a few days of leisure in the atmospheric Christmas markets or to celebrate New Year’s eve on Lake Garda. But now, past the holidays, it could definitely use a vacation from the vacation.

Let’s begin with an activity, not too hard, to recover from the excesses of lunches and dinners.

Lago di Garda in inverno Naturalistic and nightly snowshoeing in Val di Ledro,

Until February 26th we can leave for an excursion with snowshoes to explore the Ledro Valley.

The Network of Reserves of the Ledro Alps, thanks to the experience of the Alpine and environmental guides, organizes a series of unmissable events for snow enthusiasts. Get caught by the magic of a snowshoe hike by moonlight to Tremalzo and Molina di Ledro.

Choose the hiking trails more suitable for your preparation and discover the Lake Garda area in which they are organized.

Lago di Garda in inverno

Lake Garda in winter: high altitude skiing

Mount Baldo, with its forty kilometers of slopes, is the ideal destination for lovers of winter sports.

This massive, between the provinces of Trento and Verona, offers breathtaking views of Lake Garda.

Anyone wishing to spend a day skiing can take the cable car from Malcesine (VR) and reach the ski slopes on Mount Baldo.

Walk to the Castle of Arco and visit to the Segantini Gallery

Lago di Garda in inverno On the Trentino side you can visit the charming town of Arco, dominated by the homonymous Castle. From the top of the cliff on which it is built, it enjoys an exceptional view on the plain of Upper Garda. You can get there along a path that goes up from the old town to the Castle of Arco through a landscape dominated by olive trees.

Art lovers can also visit the Galleria Civica G. Segantini. This space, in collaboration with the Mart of Trento and Rovereto, home to a permanent exhibition of the works of the famous pointillist painter native of Arco.

Day at the spa of Sirmione

After a healthy outdoor activity and a visit to the museum, it is right to enjoy a little relaxation.

Lago di Garda in invernoWhat’s better, then, of a day at the spa?

Passing on the Brescia side of the lake we find Sirmione, popular spa town considered the “Perla del Garda” for the beauty of its landscapes. We had already met Sirmione talking about favorite destinations for holidays on Lake Garda.

The Sirmione thermal baths are an ideal solution to relax and recharge your batteries before returning to everyday routine. The beneficial properties of spa water combine with the unique surroundings of Lake Garda to give you a moment of pure relaxation.

Typical products of Lake Garda in the winter and throughout the year

How to round off a holiday on Lake Garda? Participating in one of the many food and wine events to discover the rich wine and gastronomic production of the territory.

Among the typical products of the regions bordering the lake, one of the most important is the extra virgin olive oil obtained from the many olive trees that characterize the landscape of the Garda.

In Upper Garda’s lemon plantations, lemons and other citrus fruits are grown. They are used in the preparation of typical products such as Limoncello and the cedar water.

The Trentino side of Lake Garda also offers honey, truffles, cheeses and the typical salted meat.

A great combination with both the catch of the lake and the meat dishes, is the wine produced in the wine-growing areas of the Garda.

In the northern areas Merlot, Cabernet and Vino Santo are the main productions. The southern vineyards mostly produce Bardolino and Lugana. The Garda is also renowned for the production of spirits and flavored grappas.

Lago di Garda in inverno Food and wine events on Lake Garda in winter

Every Sunday afternoon until 19 February 2017, Castelnuovo del Garda (VR) will host the tenth edition of Musical Aperitifs.

This festival of classical music, hosted by DIM Teatro Comunale di Castelnuovo del Garda, offers a series of appointments with nationally and internationally renowned artists. A unique opportunity to combine the pleasure of “classical music” with good regional food.

If you’re ever in Cavriana (MN) from 3 to 5 February 2017, you can watch the Antica Fiera di San Biagio. On the occasion of the patron everyone can taste the traditional cake of San Biagio, stuffed with almonds and chocolate. This fair includes, among other things, the event “DULCISSIMA”, dedicated not only to traditional sweets but to all local products.

From the 25th to 28th of February 2017 in Montichiari (BS) will be held Golositalia, a fair of primary importance in northern Italy with national and international exhibitors from the food, beverage & technology sectors.

As part of this event it will be possible to participate in live demonstrations and tastings. Producers and starred chef will also be available for meeting.

These are just some of the many activities at which you can participate on Lake Garda in winter.

The Camping delle Rose in Moniga del Garda remained open until January 8 to give you a unique and relaxing stay in the beautiful surroundings of Lake Garda.

The campsite will reopen with the arrival of summer. But please note that reservations for the summer season 2017 are already open. Follow us for updates and do not hesitate to contact the Camping delle Rose in Moniga del Garda for more information about bungalows, mobile homes and all our bespoke accommodation for your holidays.

Christmas Markets on Lake Garda

Discover the 2016 Christmas markets on Lake Garda between squares, evocative atmosphere, charming villages and culinary specialties. Wrap yourself in the magic!

Brief history of the markets

One of the favorite activities during the holiday season is certainly visit the typical markets which help to make even more magical this festivity.


What you may not know is that they were born around 1400, in Germany. The unique products of local craftsmen were bought by the wealthy classes, the only ones who could afford those unique pieces of rare beauty.

As time passes the products became accessible to most people, and the markets spreaded throughout Europe.

The most famous Christmas markets are located in Cologne and in other major cities of both Germany and France but also in Italy, especially below the Alps, you can find places that are home to traditional markets, now become one of the inevitable appointments during holidays. In the Christmas markets you can find everything from decorations for the tree to cribs but also antiques, souvenirs and local dishes, in addition to the excellent mulled wine, recommended for harsh winter days.


Christmas markets on Lake Garda

On Lake Garda you can find some of the most beautiful and characteristic Christmas markets of the whole Italy.

Below we will show you the places where you can appreciate them.


Garda (VR)

In Garda the markets are held from November to January, from Friday to Sunday. Here you can enjoy traditional cribs and taste the local cuisine, sheltered from the cold thanks to the heated marquee.


Lazise (VR)

In Lazise the Christmas markets will take place from Saturday, December 5 in the main square where the more than 40 exhibitors will delight you with their products. Furthermore, from 6 to December 8, at the Venetian customs, you can sample dishes with fresh truffles.

.mercatini natale lago di Garda lazise 2016


Arco (TN)

Here you can visit the markets from November to January in small wooden houses builted for the occasion in the heart of the city. Waiting for you there will be statues and decorations but also household products. If you wish to fully enjoy the magic of Christmas then you can’t not buy the traditional leaders of warm alpaca wool, to wear while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate in your Mobile Home in the Campeggio delle Rose, which will be opened extraordinarily all the winter.   Among the favorite destinations on Lake Garda ther is Riva del Garda where, in addition to the markets, you can practice different activities and visit the most beautiful areas of the city, including the castle, the bastion or take the boat to the charming Desenzano or Sirmione , where you can visit the caves of Catullus or relax in the beautiful spa.

If this is not enough, there are also markets in Rovereto, Trento and Manerba del Garda.

natale mercatini 2016 lago di Garda piazza neve Trento



In Trento, the markets will be open every day (except 25) from 19 November 2016 to 6 January 2017 in Piazza Fiera and Piazza Cesare Battisti.

Here, every year thousands of visitors come to celebrate the “Christkindlmarkt”, whose origins date back to the fourteenth century in Germany with the so-called “St. Nicholas Markets.”


Spending your Christmas holidays on Lake Garda is an experience you will not soon forget.

By using Crippa NCC Lake Garda transfer service, you can reach all the major christmas markets we spoke about. Their services, punctual, convenient and safe, are ideal for traveling in the area of Lake Garda.

What are you waiting for? Visit us at Campeggio delle Rose, and discover our promotions for the winter opening of Campeggio delle Rose in Moniga.

New Year’s Eve on Lake Garda

Are you planning how to celebrate the Christmas holidays? Below you will find some ideas to make a spectacular New Year’s Eve on Lake Garda!

New Year’s Eve on Lake Garda in family

Are you looking for a practical and economical solution, ideal for young and old? Many facilities offer a baby-sitting service during the Christmas dinner, allowing parents to dine in peace, while the kids enjoy theirselves with the funny animation staff. Otherwise, you can stay in the main squares, where every year are proposed entertainment concerts and shows for all the family in the most magical night of the year, in one of the most beautiful areas of Italy. If you are planning a surprise for your children there is only one answer: Gardaland. From the top of the Great Tree magical lights reflect their light on white snow, transforming Gardaland in an enchanting landscape of Lapland. So, what are you waiting for? New Year’s Eve on Lake Garda is a great event for the whole family!

Capodanno sul lago di Garda

New Year’s Eve on Lake Garda in pair

This year have you decided to celebrate the New Year 2017 with your sweetheart? Here there are some ideas to make the most magical night of the year a fairy tale! The scent of roasted chestnuts, the Christmas markets and mulled wine will only frame your New Year. Lake Garda offers a lot of possibilities. If you decided to go for a romantic and elegant solution, Sirmione will be your ideal choice: a visit to the medieval castle or Catullo caves, and picturesque lakeside walks are waiting for you!

Are you waiting for some relax? Then choose the hot springs of Sirmione, admiring the fireworks that will be reflected in the lake at midnight. If you prefer to venture something different, live an experience with the Parisian flavor, which refers to the majestic capital and its Bateaux Mouches. We are talking about the famous ship “Brenner“, which offers to its three hundred guests an elegant dinner, breathtaking views and an area reserved for the dance, open till 4am.

Capodanno sul lago di Garda

New Year’s Eve on Lake Garda with friends

If you are looking for a way to have fun and rock out with your friends on the New Year’s Eve, you have to go to the many beach party or nightclub, specially arranged for the longest night of the year. Internationally acclaimed deejay and music of all kinds, from electronics to smooth, are waiting for you in the coolest clubs of Lake Garda! You will find the best clubs in Desenzano del Garda, with solutions for the dinner and after dinner, with the possibility of reserving the best table in the local area! The Cocobeach of Lonato del Garda seems to be every year the most popular destination of Brescia and Bergamo youth. Do not miss the opportunity to celebrate there!

Also at Campeggio delle Rose we are ready to celebrate the New Year! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to discover immediately our offers for the winter season 2016/2017.

Ideas for an autumn weekend on Lake Garda

idee per un weekend d'autunno sul lago di Garda

Have you just come back from your holidays but you’re already planning for a last minute escape? Don’t miss the opportunity to live a special weekend on the shores of our magical lake Garda!              Below are some tips to realize your dreams’ weekend.

Lake Garda, which just few weeks ago was besieged by italian and foreign tourists, will soon reserve his delicate and discreet beauty to those who will be willing to discover it out of the summer season. There will be events and activities aimed at meeting the needs of the whole family!

Do you want relax and health? Choose the spa!

Don’t miss a relaxing bath in the thermal waters of Colà di Lazise. Lull yourself with the warm waters of the natural pools of  Villa dei Cedri. The park is characterized by the presence of two lakes with different thermal conditions in order to offer visitors the chance to bathe at different temperatures. Both lakes are equipped with whirlpools, cervical fountains, waterfalls and geysers. Villa dei Cedri ensures the lighting of the facilities after sunset, to allow guests the night bathing. Wrap yourself with the warm mist to defeat the cool temperatures of autumn.

Trip to the most famous amusement park in Italy

We are proposing an unforgettable day at the most famous theme park in Italy: Gardaland. Each year the park introduces significant innovations. We recommend it to everybody, both to families and teenagers. In fact you can find attractions for all tastes and all ages. Since this year, was promoted the Gardaland Oktoberfest event, which will enrich the atmosphere of the park with the typical flavors of Bavaria from 17 September to 2 October. If you want to celebrate sipping a good beer, do not miss the event of autumn 2016!

idee per un weekend d'autunno sul lago di Garda

Visit one of the many historic towns of Lake Garda

Lake Garda is embraced by many historic towns, places not to be missed. Only here you can breathe the rustic atmosphere that only a village manages to transmit with authenticity. Below, we suggest a trip out in a must-see location: Bardolino. Dive yourself in the delicate beauty of the historic center, and don’t miss for any reason the Bardolino Castle and the Olive Oil Museum (one of the best local products). Take advantage of the autumn to take part in the 87th grape and wine Bardolino festival from September 29 to October 3. This is just one of the many events taking place in the Garda coast during the autumn season.

Sport for everyone

Are you athletic? Summer on Lake Garda continues from September onwards. If you like hiking or mountain bikes give yourself a motion day: on Garda itineraries abound from Ponale to Monte Tremalzo. Give yourself a dynamic afternoon along the cycling across the vineyards or take advantage of interesting offers for the excursions of the period.

idee per un weekend d'autunno sul lago di Garda

Discover the colors of autumn in the Garda parks

If you are fascinated by the bright colors of autumn, you definitely cannot miss a visit to the enchanting Park Sigurtà. The park was created by the perfect fusion of a historical garden dating back to the 1700s and a modern one, lending itself to being a popular destination not only for botanists, but for all lovers of nature. Park Sigurtà can be visited on foot for a relaxing walk or with the brand new golf carts. If you prefer the movement, the Park offers the possibility of on-site bicycle rental.

Spending an autumn weekend on Lake Garda allows anyone to meet their own needs. Take advantage of the upcoming cooler days to find out for yourself all the sights and the many activities that the Garda offers for September and October.

Enjoy your last few days of vacation and benefit the convenience of Crippa NCC‘s services. The Crippa NCC Lake Garda transfer service will allow you to enjoy more relaxation before reaching your midpoint. You will therefore enjoy the beautiful view that Lake Garda offers before you reach the main attractions of the area.

Visit us at our Campeggio delle Rose and find the best deals that we propose in the autumn. Do not miss the latest availability!

For more information, or if you want to know the news for winter 2016/2017, do not hesitate to contact us!



The new Mobile-Homes lakeview In Moniga del Garda

Find out the new Mobile-Homes lakeview in Moniga del Garda

Our Camping is pleased to present you the new Mobile-Homes lakeview, the new addition to the Summer season 2016.

case mobili fronte lago


The Suite Superior are a new type of Mobile-Homes that will make your stay even more special. They are located lakeview in an unique and breathtaking placement. Within the Suite Superior you will find five beds, allocated between two bedrooms and a sofa bed. Each room is provided with a bathroom that has hydromassage shower that will give you a complete relax.
The Suite Superior face a large terrace where you will be able to enjoy the amazing view of the Lake Garda during the enchanting sunset.

Another addiction to our service is the internet connection‘s extention. This year you will be able to access to the wifi directly from your rooms, you can use the internet TV and listen to all your favorite songs on Youtube or keep up with your favorite TV series.
Every room of the Suite Superior is furnished with all comforts, from the stronboxes where you can store your values, to our air conditioning system that will lets you enjoy cool breezes even during the hottest days. During the Winter you can benefit (from) the heating.


casa mobile confort


This year Camping delle Rose launches also the new Mobile-Homes Confort. The Mobile-Homes Confort are the perfetct solution for families or groups of six people. They are furnished with two bedrooms and a double sofa couch, a big bathroom that is provided with a bidet and a large terrace. You will be able to enjoy a lot of comforts, from the internet connection to the air conditioning or the heating.

Our kiosk’s restyling

Camping delle Rose in Moniga del Garda offers its client, beside the Mobile-Homes, also a salt water pool, free wifi, a boat slip and finally an expansive beach. From this season you will find on the beach our newly restyled kiosk, where you will be able to enjoy a romantic appetizer directly on the Lake Garda’s shore. Our costumers will be able to choose between different types of holiday, families with children will have the opportunity to relax thanks to the pool hydromassage which is located nearby a polyvalent sport camp where kids will be able to have fun playing different games.

If you love walks you will be welcomed by a wonderful panoramic avenue, you will enjoy our flourished oleandres during suggestive walks on the shores overlooking the Lake Garda.

Summer 2016 at Lake Garda


italia in rosa 2016


Make the best out of your stay at Camping Delle Rose! Don’t miss the interesting events that will take place at Lake Garda.
During the first days of June at Moniga’s Castle, nearby our Camping Delle Rose, there will be the Chiaretto Party, Italy’s major event devoted to rosé wines. The Chiaretto Party will take place during the octave edition of “Italia In Rosa”.
From July 23 to September 3 Salò will host the 58^edition of the International Violin Festival “Gasparo da Salò“, one of the most prestigious musical demostration of the Lake Garda. The Festival will be animated by established artists, among who, Sergej Krylov, Paolo Fresu e Luca Stradi­vari.
From May to September 11, Riva Del Garda‘s squares and parks will become the stage of the versatile exhibition “Apparizioni” which will give space to music, art, poetry and dance.
As every year, each Wednesday from June 15 to September 14 Desenzano Del Garda will host “Notti Bianche“, an initiative that animates the Historic Centre and promotes different activities, such as musical events. Also, during “Notti Bianche” all shops will stay open until 11 pm.
All sports lover will be glad to know that between August 26 and September 4, Arco will host the “Rock Master Festival”, during this event all the best climbers will challenge each others.

We hope you will choose the Lake Garda for your holiday destination, here we leave you our Camping delle Rose‘s aerial view. We also suggest you to check out the last availability and we invite you to book the best solution for the upcoming Summer Season as soon as possible.

Easter at Lake Garda

We are getting close to Easter… Haven’t you decided where to spend your spare time yet? You should definitively come to Lake Garda!

Here are some ideas for your Easter Holidays on Lake Garda.

On Sunday, March 27th Easter will be celebrated: that’s a good reason to have a holiday or a long week-end at Lake Garda.

Lake Garda is a charming location in any season of the year. Spring time donates warmer colors, blooming flowers and the first rays of the new season’ sun create a mesmerizing feeling you will remember for long time. Easter at Lake Garda is just unique.

During this holiday in both east and wests sides of Lake Garda will be held a large number of events to entertain tourist and local people.

pasqua sul lago di garda


On the east side of Lake Garda –Verona side– Easter festivity will be celebrated with local markets and animation. Starting on Friday 25th till Monday 28th march, Lazise will host on Lungolago Marconi a local market with typical goods, artisan craft, and much more. On Easter and Easter Monday buskers and jugglers will entertain visitors the town’s squares.

In Garda from Friday March 25th till Sunday April 3rd 2016 will take place in Calderini Square the local market named “Progetto Lavanda in Piazza“, where you will be able to see and purchase a various number of organic cosmetic and beauty products.

In Bardolino the schedule to celebrate Easter on Lake Garda is pretty wide. The initiatives organized by this lovely village begin on Sunday March 20th with the event “Noi coloriamo le uova” in Matteotti Square, and then many other events from March 26th till March 28th. The beating heart of the exhibitions will be the Lungolago Riva Cornicello, where the artisan goods and traditional food and whine fair will be held. In Porto Square you will able to taste Easter bakery from Melegatti, along with the products from the Whine and Oil Museums. On Easter Monday in Bardolino’s Lido di Cisano there will be a grill open to anyone,while at the Stadium there will be inflatables for kids and food stands.


pasqua sul lago di garda gardasee easter


On the west side of Lake Garda – Brescia side– the Easter Monday event you don’t want to miss is “Festa di Pasquetta“, held inside the lovely location of the Rocca in Lonato del Garda. The castle will be open if you want to spend a day in open air: kids will be involved in a botanic treasure hunt where they will be asked to pick up seeds, flowers and plats whose will be used during the recreational activities “Stampa e colora con le piante” e during the Masked Egg hunt.

On the Trento side of Lake Garda Easter will be celebrated in many different ways. From March 24th till March 28th in Riva del Garda there will be the third edition of Chocomusic, the event dedicated to artisan-made. This yummy event will be rich in tasting, cooking show and Baby Ciok laboratories for children. On Easter and Easter Monday inside this festival special events will be take place, such as the Guinness record chocolate bar, along with different music orchestras.

Starting from March 24th till March 27th in Riva del Garda you will be able to attend the 34° Lake Garda Meeting Optimist, the certified Guinness World Records show as the biggest monoclass regatta in the world.
Whatever time you come to the Lake Garda area, you can move from one area to another using the convenient Crippa NCC transfer service. You can enjoy a precise and punctual service, and you can also choose the machine that best suits your needs.

Camping delle Rose wishes you a happy Easter on Lake Garda. Check out our new website: after months of hard work our Camping is ready for the new 2016 season, with many surprises for our guests.